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Who the fuck reppin Walmer now bitches? Motherfucking 8cto. Check his shit out. Dude murders global bass like he has a score to settle. Shit gonna get crazy. Speaking of bass we also got this classic fucking picture of someone else repping Walmer like shit is the differemce between life and death:

Boom! That’s fucking Crizzly y’all! Dude was here with fucking 12 Planet and Flinch for Bassmentality here in Toronto. We could have taken pics with them but we were like fuck it. That’s him with Walmer’s man on the street Sto. What the fuck is he wearing like some fuking fur overalls? Check out his fucking music! It’s all hot as fuck. Anyway. Let’s stop judging fashion and check out some drippy ass tunes RIGHT AFTER THE JUMP FUCKERS!

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SOME MIXES THAT ARE OK   Leave a comment

We are fucking djs. We make fucking mixes. But we can’t be making mixes all the time. Sometimes we have play gigs or fuck our girlfriends or other people’s girlfriends or your mom. The point is sometimes we like to kick back between all things in our busy schedules and listen to the disc jockeying of other people. Here is some of their work. It is obviously not as good as us but the effort is appreciated. GO FUCK WITH THEM AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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SOUNDS/FUCKS/CLOUDS   Leave a comment

Hello gents! I am Johnathan L. Leguizamo, star of Hollywood’s “The Pest”. When I’m not pretending to be other people I like to listen to music on my Sony Walkman™ or Microsoft Zune™. Music is maybe the most important tool that I use for what I would call not my “acting” but rather my “becoming”. Indeed it is by listening to soundclouds that I am able to “be” a character. Thus I become The Pest as  Plan B becomes Thugstep. This is the true meaning of art. Let the songs inspire you too. AFTER THE DAMN JUMP…

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