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BAM! Walmer is inside you now fuckers! How you like that? No vaseline. Ever. That’s the way we blog shit. Inside you. “This is Walmer reporting live from your vagina. The forecast is for wet weather.” Alright. Thanks. we’ll just keep on doing a bang up job. No fucking music commentary here. No “blah blah, really has been making a mark on the scene lately, blah blah”. No. We don’t do that. That is boring as fuck. Not to say that there are many blogs that are good that do that. But a lot are shit. We shit on them. Shit on shit. Just get fucking annoyed at the complete fucking lack of originality. “Here’s my blog! I have some cool looking pictures and gifs and then I say that this person is really making a mark or is up and coming”. Lick our blog balls. Whatever. GRAB A SHITLOAD OF TUNES AFTER THE JUMP!

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You asked for it! Take a trip with us again through the videos of dancehall artists you never knew existed. And if you did know about them then you are cooler than us. First up, The Passion of Bramma:

Bramma is an artist. His videos actually seem pretty cool. We are not being sarcastic. Here’s more:

This next one is the new best video ever. It has everything you want. Future Fambo is for real. You’ll be able to catch us drunken dancing everywhere:

This next shit is some straight Toronto dancehall shiznit. Eyesus straight reppin Eglinton Flats. And he’s affiliated with Vybz.

More Eyesus. Anyone in Toronto know anyone in this video?:

Karim Hype teaches you to be a good sport here. And don’t forget to drink Nuvo. It’s a man’s drink:

And here’s the Monster Twins:

And here is Bling Dawg who just wants to help girls live a healthy lifestyle:

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