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CONSCIOUS HIP HOP!!   2 comments

This one’s called Use Your Head…be smart and don’t watch it at work!!

See what other teachings this week’s hip hop music has in store after the jump!!
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WHO IS BEST?   1 comment

Remember this? Of course you don’t. That was in the times when like 5 people a week read our blog and we were djing in the basement of a dive bar whose prime was in the year 2000. On your left you have that fucking asshole The Dirty Frenchman and on your right you have Douster, a Walmer hero who one day we hope to see along with many more people than were at this night that he played at the Social in Toronto. Well Douster just put out a mixtape today and since The Dirty Frenchman recently put one out we want to ask you “WHO IS BEST?” you can hear their mixtapes and vote on which one you like the best AFTER THE JUMP (we hope that you get it by now)

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The coke was cut, sold and now ya’ll askin for a mothafuckin re up. Who you gonna call? Fuckin Plan B of course. Plan B brings part two of his 86 part series on the life and times of French Montana. If you missed part one then click the fuck here. If you’re lookin for part 86 then come back in 2037 or build yourself a mothafuckin time machine and spark one up with Marty McFly. Either way, Plan B brings it again with this shit, dropping tracks like you’ll be hearing this shit in 3D  and he keeps his mouth shut and let’s French do all the talking. Make sure your fuckin nostrils are clear cuz you about to do some MORE COKE!


01. Max B ft. French Montana – The Remix
02. French Montana – Trya Breathe (Close my Mind)
03. French Montana – Is U Kiddin Me?
04. French Montana ft. Corte Ellis – Whatcha Know About It
05. French Montana ft. Mike Shorey – Lay Down
06. French Montana ft. Chinx Drugz – Deuces Remix
07. Max B ft. French Montana – Dirty South
08. French Montana ft. YG Hootie and Waka Flocka Flame – Take it Off
09. French Montana ft. Gucci Mane and Akon – Top Chef
10. French Montana ft. Wiz Khalifa – Not Ready
11. French Montana – You Belong to Me
12. French Montana – Life be a Movie
13. French Montana – Gettin High
14. French Montana – Ready To Go
15. Max B ft. French Montana & Maino – 1st Round Draft Pick
16. French Montana ft. Akon –  Overtime
17. French Montana ft. Masspike Miles – Get it All
18. French Montana ft. Sam Hook, Chinx Drugs – How It Feel
19. Max B ft. French Montana – We Wavy
20. French Montana ft. Chix Drugz, Flip and Charlie YG – Middle Fingers Up
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