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We are fucking djs. We make fucking mixes. But we can’t be making mixes all the time. Sometimes we have play gigs or fuck our girlfriends or other people’s girlfriends or your mom. The point is sometimes we like to kick back between all things in our busy schedules and listen to the disc jockeying of other people. Here is some of their work. It is obviously not as good as us but the effort is appreciated. GO FUCK WITH THEM AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey! Assholes! What’s up! You know what these moombahton tracks are gonna do to you? Gonna bite your fucking ear off is what. Gonna have a fucking piece of your ear missing. That will be your life. You can either deal with it or cry like a baby. An ear-less baby. Nobody wants an ear-less baby. Those get returned to the vagina in exchange for another baby. Because that how pregnancy works. Either that or a fucking bird brings your baby. Bird shit baby. Anyway. Enough about birds and babies. Let’s listen to some moombahton AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!:

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