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Who is Jimi Needles? Is he just a man with a gun for a head or is he more than that? Is he a dj? Is he a producer? Is he a musician? All of the above? Well if you stay tuned you can find the fuck out because we interviewed this fucker. Jimi is a longtime friend of Walmer fucking Convenience Musical Blog and is reponsible for some of our early favourite moombahton and moombahcore tracks. Check out his soundcloud. He gave us a heads up that he had a new mix coming out on RAMP FM tomorrow (you will have to ask him about what time it is playing because we forgot to ask him before putting this up).

Anyway, we did a little interview with this fucker so why don’t you guys go check it out AFTER THE JUMP!

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OLD BASS AND THE SEA   1 comment

Do you like bass? Do you like the sea? Well then you should take these fucking songs and go to the sea and listen to them and stay out too long and get a sunburn and then do that again several fucking times and get skin cancer and go to the hospital and when you get there you can see how many people actually care about you and those that don’t fucking come are not your real friends and you can delete them from facebook and that will be your life. LIVE THAT FUCKING LIFE AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hey cunts for brains! It’s a fucking Monday! Aren’t you happy to go back to your pitiful work lives! Haha! It’s fucking happy time! Go shoot yourselves in the head! Anyway. Still so many soundclouds of goodness falling into our ears. Too many. People need to stop making so much good free music. Make bad expensive music like LMFAO or Ke$ha. They know how to make fucking money in this biz. Those should be all your role models. Make note of that aspiring musicians and producers. in the meantime take peoples free shit AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!:

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SOUNDCLOUDS OF WRATH   Leave a comment

Hey hey! My name is Afrojacks. I invented moombahton. Fuck all of y’all. I don’t drink milk. I pour Crystal™ on my fucking cereal. I eat fucking Caviar Pops. They’re like Corn Pops but they taste like fucking fish and cost $2000 per box. That’s my life. That’s Afrojack. I’m working on a track with Justin Bieber. I fucked Lady Gaga. That was so weird. There were ostriches in the same room when it happened. One of them licked my right testicle. It’s tongue was rough. I still see it’s face when I close my eyes.

Have you met my friends yet? is the fucking black dude from Blast Iced Fleas and there’s Dave Gettus and that guy from Florida who I don’t remember his name. Here’s some tracks AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey bros! What a gwaan? How’s your mom doing? Is she good? We tried to call her but she wouldn’t pick up. We left a message. Is she still upset about the thing? We just weren’t ready for the commitment she wanted. We still have so many things that we feel we need to accomplish before we settle down.  And, well, let’s admit it, we just aren’t ready to be a dad to you. It’s too much pressure. Sorry. MUSIC AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey kids. Wassup? Phillip Seymour Hoffman here. Relax ladies, I’m taken. I wanna take a moment to talk to you about respect. That’s right. I understand it’s tough to be a teen nowadays. Hell, I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and I’ve seen and, yes, done a lot of shit in my day. Just like you I’ve had to mix paint chips with chocolate milk to make mouth wash. Just like you I had to sell my sister for toilet paper again and again. No one gave me any breaks. We never had chocolate eggs during Easter. No, we had to eat real eggs. And not in the way you think. When the Easter bunny would bring us eggs it would be our parents taking the eggs out of the ovaries of an actual bunny. I know the same thing happens to you kids all the time. Life is hard. Here’s some cool tunes for you guys to listen to. To help you forget the hardship. AFTER THE JUMP!

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