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Just in time for Halloween, Generation Bass brings out Moombahluv II: Fuck & Fuckability based on the novel Push by Sapphire. If you loved the Moombahsoul series from Heartbreak then this is right up your fucking alley! Listen to this shit in the bathroom while you jerk off or in the bedroom while you finger a pussy or a butthole. Sex time. Read Neil Queen Jones’ words about Moombahluv II, download the fucking music and stream that shit AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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SOUNDS OF FUCKIENCE   Leave a comment

Someone constructed a rocket to go into your mom’s vagina. Many prototypes were tested. Most failed. Only the last one made it. It discovered these soundclouds. Have you heard them? LISTEN TO THEM AFTER THE JUMP!

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Come up with us to the the land of the clouds where your mom floats around with the angels and has sex on sale for only $9.99. At prices that low she’s practically giving it away. But that’s not all. If you click after the jump, you can go on a journey of wonderment and delight…

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