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All things must come to an end, even love. Even…moombahluv. In this chapter our heroes are confronted with a Valentine’s Day riddle: is Moombahluv possible after the death of Whitney Houston? The answer my surprise you, but one thing is for sure there’ll be a lot of crazy tunes along the way. That fucker Dj UMBS of Generation’s Bass put all of your favourites and a lot of our favourites are on this bitch. King Kong, Jon Kwest, Noms, Feral Is Kinky, Mango Troops, El Nomada, STLKRFOXXX, Saur and much, much more. Make a fucking baby to this shit. If both of you are from the same sex then pretend you are making a baby to this shit. Sky is the limit. Make as many babys as you can. Go for the record. There are two sides to this so you have the time. Still best to get started as early as possible so why don’t we stop talking and start fucking. GO GRAB THE COMP AFTER THE JUMP FUCKNUTS!

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Hey everyone! What the fuck is up? We got some sick ass shit for you today! Alex Supremee and Walmer Motherfucking Convenience have teamed up to bring you the MommbaFreak EP. What the fuck is it? It’s like George Lopez smoked angel dust and had a party on the roof of a dentists office and everyone is huffing laughing gas and girls and guys are grindin’ on each other hard. That’s how we feel when we hear it. And you know what the best shit is? It’s all fucking free fuckers! December just got a whole lot hotter. Listen while you dance, while you brush your teeth, wash your genitals, have sex. It’s all fucking good. And joining that fucker Alex Supremee at the party are like a who’s who of the next American generation of moombahton. Modabot, fucking Mango Troops, Ma-LESS, and so many other fuckers. You know what? Why the fuck are we just talking right now. YOU SHOULD BE DOWNLOADING THIS TO PLAY IN YOUR SETS THIS WEEKEND. GO GRAB AND PREVIEW THE TRACKS AFTER THE JUMP FUCKERS!   Read the rest of this entry »

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