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Hey, we’re in London, Ontario visiting DJ Plan B’s hometown, what should we do? When in Rome smoke crushed-up prescription pills, hallucinate and smash your head on something while listening to the hardest shit you can find…Bonus, this first song is made by someone from London…COOL!

Lamb of God – Laid to Rest (Andy’s Ill Dub Fix)

Wait for the second drop…

Skrillex – Cinema (Robo Jo-Jo Wicked Remix Edit)

Maybe on 45? Second drop again…

Skrillex – Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix)

Fuck yeah, Skrillex

Speaking of Plan B, here’s another fucking video proving he was recently in New York tearing that city a new asshole with those fucking Marino guys…

Don’t forget we’re having a fucking party this Saturday…TOMORROW!!

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Yup, now that the Dirty Frenchman is officially on foreign soil where he belongs, Plan B can start his solo career off with a bang. Come down to Lot 16 on Friday and celebrate another year you’ll get nothing accomplished and be ashamed to admit you lived out on New Year’s eve. You can hear all the savage Plan B tracks you love to hate and Destro’s gonna make a guest appearance launching the night with your fave’s from the fall of 1994. See you then fuckers!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Drop the Lime – Hot as Hell (Canblaster Remix) (zshare)

It’s that fucking time again when Santa Claus goes to the houses of rich kids to give them gifts and tells poor kids to go fuck themselves. That for us is the magic of Christmas along with getting drunk with our families and having to take huge shits after eating so much food. This is also the time when, between these epic shits, we post a ton of songs. What do we have this year, some good stuff, some amazing news, some sad news and a lot of meaningless bullshit you have come to expect and love. Take the song above, it’s fucking masterpiece. It’s like you’re in a spaghetti western but in an island in the Gulf of Thailand, perhaps off the coast of Cambodia or Vietnam. Why do we make this comparaison. This fucking specific comparaison? Because that is where The Dirty Frenchman is leaving for in two days. Yes. For a month. This is how he expects it to be:

Guido – Mad Sax (zshare)

Before he embarked on this trip down into the very heart of darkness, The Dirty Frenchman wanted to record 3 mixes which he did yesterday but then, sadly the recording fucked up and now only the right stereo side recorded so they sound like shit. So that didn’t happen. He’s pissed because he wanted to be like a fucking Tupac recording himself and then releasing shit while he was gone, maybe even dead. That’s dark some dark shit.

This fucking party is taking place where Plan fucking B is gonna spin with some guy named Destro on New Years or rather, as Plan B calls it, Jew Years. Be there if you like good music and wanna be murdered by tunes like these:

Oh yeah, sorry we never told you but those Gooffee assholes just dropped a free EP today on your sorry asses. That’s a lot of sorry in there. You need to learn to let things go and get on with your life. Maybe listen to a song like this which sounds like when you are having a moment and then realizing everything you ever believed was wrong but you’re happy about it.

Girl Unit – Wut (zshare)

“I’m happy about my fucking world collapsing!”

You (2010)

Oh and did you know that Douster and Zonora Point did a free mixtape EP that you can listen to here:

and download here as individual tracks.

oh and Brodinski released a collection of the best hip hop and r’n’b remixes of the year (in his opinion) here’s his picks:

and here are the tracks for download.

Wow. That enough news and music to last next while. Look forward for dispatches from The Dirty Frenchman in the Orient and get the fuck to Lot 16 for fucking New Years!


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MC Zulu & Douster – Body Rock (zshare)

Sometimes you gotta cry because that fucking octapus that predicted who would win the world cup died today. The Dirty Frenchman is crying because Rob Ford won the election in Toronto. Sometimes you gotta get angry because the world is spiralling out of control and there is nothing you can do about it. Sometimes you just gotta look at Kim Kardashian’s ass and be thankful that shit like that exists to make the world bearable. And sometimes you need to go to this:

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Figure – I Got It (Original Mix)

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