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As is not the tradition on Mondays, we are gonna do an all non-moombahton post because we don’t want fuckers to think we’re some kind of all moombahton blog and just send us moombahton and nothing else because that would be sad and then we would only have that in our lives and die probably from fucking moombah overdose. IT WOULD ALL BE YOUR FAULT! You would probably go to jail and become someone’s bitch and have penis in your mouth all day long. IS THAT THE FUTURE YOU WANT? Let’s go and listen to non-moombaton AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP FUCKERS!

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Yeah. Another fucking post assholes. What do you want? We were away. We have to make up for lost time. Would you rather we not post music and post the trailer for the smash hit Rob Schneider and Jean Claude Van Damme classic Knockoff?

There! Are you happy? Is that better? GO GRAB THOSE TUNES AFTER THE JUMP ASSEATERS!

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Well hello there children. My name is Reginald VelJohnson. What the fuck is going on with you guys? Are there strippers here? I like ladies that hate clothes and show off their punanis for money. It’s capitalism and not some kind of communist bullshit. In fucking Soviet Russia you’d go to a strip club and the most you’d get are nips and that would cost you extra. What kind of a system is that? No way. Not on my watch. You know that they said that when Family Matters started up, the people of Soviet fucking Russia saw a new way of life and that’s when the changes started happening there. That’s what I’ve heard people say. Nah! Don’t fucking thank me. It was a team effort that show. Everyone had a part to play and everyone just nailed it day in and day out. Showbusiness history. They don’t fucking make them like that anymore, no sir. They sure fucking don’t. Working with Jaleel, you know Jaleel White? That was just a pleasure. Every fucking show, we’d just learn something new. Just feed off each other. It was like jazz. Anyway, enough about me. Let’s get down to the music AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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