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Sometimes you have to listen to soundclouds and sometimes you have to pee. That is the choice of life. You can listen to soundclouds with pants that have been warmed and moistened by urine or you can make you way to the bathroom. There is no compromise. Life is a struggle. Have any of you ever been at job and tried like fuck to get ahead and then promised that you would and then they tell you that you were promoted but it’s a fake promotion where you just get a title and then you have to do the same job? That’s what the fuck happened to The Dirty Frenchman just 15 minutes ago. The true definition of bloodclaat bullshit. Let’s all pee our pants and enjoy some music AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP PUSSIES!

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The best part is that they are watching the video of their wedding in what must be the future. WHAT IS THE FUTURE LIKE?

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Tifa – Sick (zshare)

This is a bit of a different sounding danchall track from Tifa. But then she always does stuff that is a bit different. In fact we will go out and say that she is the best female dancehall artist right now. Yeah that’s right. Sorry Lady Saw but your time was up a long time ago. What will you take when you back to school? Accounting? Anyway this is not the first time we’ve featured Tifa on here and it won’t be the last. Hey, why don’t we watch some videos together?

Ladies, don’t you hate when your boyfriend has a shitty car and picks you up and everyone sees. The Dirty Frenchman has a bike.

There are two problems here. If your song is called I’m Leaving then it should show you leaving and not kicking the man out. Also, lip syncing is tough but not that tough.

That song was called Kitty Police. Nothing else needs to be said. Tifa is in a cage. She was arrested by the Kitty Police.

That was Tifa and Timberlee who is ok. Tifa is way hotter.

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