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Who the fuck are the Killabits? They’re fucking bass dudes from Toronto. We’ve probably seen these fuckers around places. Never met the dudes. They’ve been a big part of the Bassmentality jams (legendary jams that we never go to because we gotta work like a bunch of fucking losers, shit is every Wednesday). Definitely keep an eye out for these fucks. Shit is up and coming. Fuckers toured with Figure. As part of some Jewish Christmas thing they’re dropping jams every fucking day more than your mom drops her pants. CHECK THAT SHIT. Right now we got a fucking moombahcore remix of Noisa. GO GRAB IT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Who is Figure? Why do you ask? Do you want to fuck him? You don’t need to know anything about him other than one important fact: he makes bass to melt your fucking face off. Yes. If you listen to his fucking music you will need to bring at least 6 or 7 extra faces. Otherwise you’ll be fucking faceless. And people will be fucking scared of you. But enough about you and your fucking problems. Let’s talk about Monsters of Drumstep 2. What does it fucking mean? It means 6 songs of pure bass wonder that are inspired by fucking monsters. The 4 remixes by fuckers are hot too. In this uncertain economy you are making a sound investment with this shit. Find a link to get a FREE TRACK, buy that shit and test some fucking streams AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP ASSFUCKS!

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Maybe you are expecting something clever right now. Maybe that is not possible. Maybe we went out and scouted a place for our next party. Maybe we did blow at some point and had a number of beers. Maybe we are fucking dead inside now at work pretending to be normal people talking to our fucking boss and discussing projected revenue and then in our heads we’re like “I do fucking blow man. I can’t fucking deal with this shit.” That’s our lives. We’re having a fucking meeting and we’re pointing at charts and graphs and shit and we get a drip from the night before fall down our throats and you gotta keep your fucking composure. But anyway. Enough of that. There are soundclouds to blog. Grab them, listen to them, fuck them AFTER THE JUMP ASSHOLES!

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Well, gonna try to put up as much shit as possible since shit is gonna get crazy starting tonight. Djing and working a day job. It’s a win-win-lose. We can’t always be internet stars all the time. We have to get down from our ivory fucking virtual tower and walk among the people. See what you fuckers see. Taste what you taste. Turn you onto the dark side with speeches like this:

Basically, how are we gonna meet your mom and make you the little brother (or sister! right ladies?) you always wanted if we are not out there djing and impressing her and making her vagina damp. Maybe we will play some of these songs for her. GO GET THEM AFTER THE JUMP CUNTS!

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