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Hey you fucking fucks! What a time to be alive. We have Microsoft Zunes™ we have Coke Zero™ and now we have a new EP from the super moombahton bros themselves Heartbreak and Munchi. In East Timor people are making thousands of feet of popcorn garlands in celebration. In Moldova they have declared today a national holiday. But there is so much more great music as well out there. Why don”t we all fucking gather round and take a look at it together like a family. A terrible, drug addled family. Join us on this magical journey AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Mixhell – Boom Da (Crookers Remix) (zshare)

This is a great song for when you are fucked up on ecstasy, shrooms and special k. But you should never do those things together. It sucks ass. Therefore you will never be in the right mindset to hear this song. Don’t do those things together. It’s not worth it. The Dirty Frenchman did those things all together when he was younger. He’s a fucking idiot. Plus this song didn’t exist yet so he missed the boat or rather he came too early for the boat, waited, and then left and the boat came a few hours after he left. Idiot. This is a dj duo named Mixhell who come from Brazil (a place that is killing it musically right now). The dude in Mixhell used to be the drummer for Sepultura if you care about that stuff (they are a metal band that was popular in the 90’s for the other 99% of the population). This track is a Crookers return to form if we may say so. Ever since Day N’ Night blew up about a year after it was made they have not been amazing to say the least. Sto and The Dirty Frenchman did catch them once at this warehouse party during the winter and that was great but the music they have been putting out has not been as crazy fucked up as shit like Knobbers and the Salmon Dance remix. Here is the video for Day N’ Night (Crookers Remix):

If you go to a club where they still play that song (no matter how good it really is) then you probably look like this:


Good day to you sir!

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