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Hey fuckers! How the fuck are you? You wanna have a classic dancehall video dance party? All essential songs?ALRIGHT LET’S FUCKING GO AFTER THE JUMP!

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Kevin Lyttle – Turn Me On (zshare)

Did you grow up in the suburbs? Did you go to suburban clubs? Those were the days. Before you went to live downtown and started to have tastes. You just liked to dance. It was the late 90’s/early 2000’s, a carefree time. The Dirty Frenchman used to got all over the place to clubs in Pickering, Oshawa, Whitby, Scarborough. Those were the days. His formative years if you will, when he came of age. There was one damn song that ruled those clubs: Kevin Lyttle’s opus Turn Me On. They say that Mozart up in heaven is jealous that he never composed it himself when he worked in the court of Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II. This is a real fact.

On September 25th 2010 you can go to a good club: The Midpoint. You can hear us spin. At this:

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