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Hey fuckers! You want the fucking taste of dancehall in your ears?  Here, have a spoonful:

This one is like the Neverending Story of dancehall.

Keida – Trun Me On (mediafire)

What the fuck is up with this next one? This is some dancehall Footloose type shit

Voicemail ft Ward 21 – Street Swag (mediafire)

This one is like Christmas mixed with your uncle’s funeral except you’re happy your uncle is dead:

Busy Signal – Mad Mi (mediafire)

There, that’s dancehall. And this is Vybz Kartel dropping knowledge on you after he fucked some chick in his Ramping Shop:



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Hey! I’m George fucking Foreman! Let’s grill up some sausage and some burgers, huff some gasoline and have a dancehall video party!


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