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Who’s computer is this? It’s fucking Noms’! Do you know this dude? No? Check the fuck outta his shit here! He is quite talented and has been producing for less than a year. His Gucci Mane juke song is just pure heat. Wear oven mits when you listen to that shit. Been a few days since we posted. Been busy as fuck partying and spinning so what are you gonna do hate us for living? Fuck. How about we just ut the crap and listen to some tunes. Wanna rep Walmer too? get at us. LET’S GO GRAB SOME HOT ASS TUNES AFTER THE JUMP! THERE HAVE BEEN TOO MANY!

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J-WOW – Rebita (zshare)

Have you heard the J-WOW? Perhaps some of you are smart asses and think the J-WOW is this:

This is not the J-WOW. The J-WOW is a peice of this:

This song is not very new but The Dirty Frenchman loves it. So can you. What else does the J-WOW do? This:

That one was deep. This one is the anthem of intensity city or Intencity:

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