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After the fucking apocalypse there will be no room for moombahton. No light-hearted fun at the end of the world. We will need bass and plenty of it. People who listen to moombahton after the apolcalypse will be moving too slow. Cannibals will easily catch up with them. People who are listening to bass may be moving even slower. But they will be heavily armed with axes and hammers. People who listen to moombahton will be armed with hugs. You can’t kill a person with hugs unless you are some kind of musclebound bohemoth. There are probably like 3 people in the world that like moombahton and are also musclebound bohemoths. They will be the only people to carry the moombahton torch into the future. They still might get fucking killed by a bunch of people who like bass music if those people gang up on them. HERE’S SOME BASS MUSIC TO BE PREPARED AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP:

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You went up to a village to see your fucking grandparents. They live in the mountains. All the mountains have caves in the shapes of pussies. That’s how mountains are. Look it up in the fucking dictionary. That’s where you learn things. In the pussy caves there are new hot soundclouds for you to discover. You do a line of blow off a breast. You’re fucking ready now. GO IN THERE AND GET THOSE TUNES AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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OH FUCK…HOOD SHIT!!   1 comment

Yeah, it’s not always wonderful clouds of sounds and pussy around here, sometimes we need to give your dad some good aggressive hood shit to beat your ass to…here goes…AFTER THE MOTHAFUCKIN JUMP

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