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Fuck, we feel so vindicated. This whole time we’ve been bumping Gucci Mane mixtapes and Zaytoven beats actually enjoying it, ignorant to all the people laughing at us behind our backs. Yes we sincerely liked his shit, well, Plan B did anyway. Today as we were surfing to find some new music a blog entry popped up, the author proclaiming that after much effort to the contrary he like many others is reluctantly but inevitably becoming a Gucci fan. He goes on to say that “Gucci Mane is the kind of dumb-it-down rapper that probably sets hip-hop back a couple years” and until recently “had him swimming with Plies in the bottom of my toilet, just waiting until I digested my empanadas so they could both get dumped on and flushed“. Despite this rudimentary somewhat disgusting metaphor, a recent Douster remixed track has finally made it okay for him and all of us to like Gucci…albeit 50% ironically which “still makes me (and presumably you, reader) cooler than genuine Gucci fans“, admittedly that last part was just jokey (half jokey?) but fuck, that’s still some heavy back-handed complimenting!!! As is the case with so many music fans, it was ultimately the Diplo/Gucci remix mixtape dropping soon that’s causing the battleship of people’s entrenched taste to turn around. So if you’re wondering what joint in particular made one of the many blogging musical zeitgeist eschew Gucci’s merits no matter how retroactive and contrite, click below.

Gucci Mane – No No No (Douster remix)

Here’s the catalyst to 2010’s apparent massive rap paradigm shift that changed it all and allowed you the common blog surfer to like Gucci Mane and not be branded a dirty non-intellectual anti-patriot race-traitor because of it…and there’s apparently a whole mixtape of it to come…welcome aboard!!

Gucci Mane – Danger’s Not a Stranger (Diplo remix)

If you like those you can get more here here here, and here, unfortunately not remixed by Diplo but still good…or so we thought…

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