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BOOMBAHCHERO?   1 comment

Heartbreak & Munchi – Face Off (Orion Edit) (zshare)

So. Moombahton is like slowed down shit with a reggaeton vibe (mainly slowed down dutch house). Boombachero is like sped up moombahton to like 140 bpm. That’s just the most direct way to create music using a path like this:

Anyway. We really liked Munchi and Heartbrake’s latest free dose of heat called Fuck H&M. The cover for the album is one of the greatest shittiest covers ever made of anything:

They just hate H&M. That’s it. The Dirty Frenchman gets half his clothes from H&M. What a fucking loser he is. When we first saw the name of the ep we thought they were saying fuck themselves (H&M = Heartbreak & Munchi). It confused us. Get that good shit here.

Now this guy Orion came along and took that moombahton and forged it into boombachero. He remade Fuck H&M into a new beast.


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