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Fuck yeah! We’re lazy cunts. We’re too busy smoking ganja joints and drinking beer drinks. We like to enjoy life instead of sitting in front of our computer to entertain you. Entertain yourselves. Jerk off or touch your clitorises depending on what you have. Make a song. Who knows. Maybe you have the next Who Let the Dogs out in your head or Gangster’s Paradise?

You could be like us

We dare any of you to try to be more successful than the Baha Men. Here’s your fucking music. Shut up. We’re tired. The weekend only begins now and we are already fucked. We’re going to jail. TUNES AFTER THAT JUMP CUNTS:

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When I fucking won my Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor because I played in the fucking Hours, Chicago and Gangs of New York I never let it get to my fucking head. No way. The only thing that gets to my head is blow and pussy. By the way, I John C Reilly, guest blogger for the third time at the Walmer Convenience blog. I bought this jaunty fucking hat so that chicks would look at me and say “That guy gives a fuck, but he doesn’t give a fuck, but he also cares” and you know what that means: bango! That’s like the new catch phrase I’m working on and trying to fit in all my conversations. It’s a mix of “bingo” and “bang” and you’re supposed to say it when you know for sure a chick is ready to fuck, or if a chick just did a line of blow off your dick. You just go like: Bango!. You get it? Fuck! How many times do I have to explain it to people? Anyway, here’s some fucking tunes AFTER THE JUMP:

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WALMER RADIO NOV 29th 2010!   Leave a comment

Aha! You had probably thought that because we had failed, yes failed to do a Walmer Radio last week that this week would be a wash too but you were wrong. Walmer never fails twice. If we fail we fail many times because that shows the right kind of commitment to succeed at not succeeding in life. But enough of that. Here it is. A house/uk funky/dancehall/grime(?) edition with The Dirty Frenchman taking the wheels of steel and melting them into a trophy for himself. Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Esco da Shocker – Sound The Alarm

Bassjackers & The Partysquad – Showrocker

Samo Sound Boy – Five

Sharkslayer – Hammerhead

Mz. Bratt – Selecta (Greenmoney’s Brukussive Mix)

Bobmo – My House (Douster Remix)

Fugative – Bad Girl (Lil Silva Remix)

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