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Look at these fuckers rockin out with a motherfuckin Walmer sticker on their shit. Who the fuck is it you ask? Well it’s fucking 2Deep again! This time it’s at a party though so it looks more impressive. They were probably playing moombahton at this moment. Which is good because we are gonna do a motherfucking moombahton mega-post up in this bitch right now. It’s been a long ass time. We went all #seapunk and fucking had exclusives from people in Arizona all last week. Well now we just gonna bombard you with tunes until you cry. You can dance and cry. That will be how you have a case of the Mondays. Anyway, let’s get to the fucking music. GO GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!

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Who’s computer is this? It’s fucking Noms’! Do you know this dude? No? Check the fuck outta his shit here! He is quite talented and has been producing for less than a year. His Gucci Mane juke song is just pure heat. Wear oven mits when you listen to that shit. Been a few days since we posted. Been busy as fuck partying and spinning so what are you gonna do hate us for living? Fuck. How about we just ut the crap and listen to some tunes. Wanna rep Walmer too? get at us. LET’S GO GRAB SOME HOT ASS TUNES AFTER THE JUMP! THERE HAVE BEEN TOO MANY!

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With this new onslaught of moombah, there is no other option except to pick up the pieces, gather up your belongings and make a new fucking life for yourself on the other side of the world. The worst part is, that you could never escape the pain. Moombahton started being played in that new place that you moved to. Your friends would be like “Let’s fucking go out and get drunk and do blow and shit.” You went out and they started playing fucking moombahton at the club. Instead of doing the blow the right way you would breath it out because you were all scared and shit. Your friends got fucking pissed. They punched your face. You lost teeth. Your dental bills increased. You became homeless. That was your life. You got raped. WHY DON’T WE GO LISTEN TO A SHITLOAD OF MOOMBAHTON AFTER THE JUMP!

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The tale of the UK or Great Britain or whatever is a sad one. After stomping their colonial boots on the face of much of the world during the 1800’s they have had a steady and inexorable decline since the beginning of the 2oth century sinking so low that at this point we don’t even feel like capitalising their name anymore as if it refers to something with an importance above a common object like a chair or toilet. From now on people will say “I went and took a shit in the united kingdom” or “I stepped into the great britain and had to clean my shoes after”. The last war they actually fought in without the United States holding their hands was to get what? The fucking Falkland Islands? Not only are those maybe the least geo-strategically important islands in the world but we all know that they are really called the Islas Malvinas and always have and always will be an integral part of the Argentine Republic.

Indeed, there are very few ways a brit can experience that thing called dignity these days. One of those few ways is through music. That is maybe the last thing british people have. Take that away from them and they are no better than the animals. Anyway. What we have with this moombahton EP called Songs From A Small Island is really one of the last gasps of the british. These tunes, which are great, are really like a cry in the dark. In a world that is increasingly indifferent, people from britain need to do whatever they can to be heard. Listen to the desperate howls of Geek Boy, Disgraceland, Mr9Carter and Heisenberg AFTER THE JUMP YOU CUNTS!

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The Dirty Fucking Fremchman never saw Baseketball. He was probably readings books like a bitch. You hear that kids? Only bitches read books. Don’t read. Don’t stand out by being smart. No one likes smart people. In a sense, being smart is stupid. Make that your slogan. Anyway. There has been so much shit coming out music wise that we can’t keep the fuck up. Also we like to drink. If you drink you feel like fucking puking. If you feel like fucking puking it’s hard to be funny. That’s our life. WHY DON’T YOU GO GRAB SOME FUCKING TRACKS FOR THE FUCKING WEEKEND WHILE WE CHUG WATER AND MUNCH ADVILS!

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Don’t know what to fucking say about this picture. Shit just looks fucked up. Was looking up fucking pictures of cats and guns and this is one of the things that came up. What the fuck is that? We just wanted to have an innocent picture, that was it. Just a cat and a gun. What about all the children who just want cat and gun fucking pictures for their school project? Are they going to be exposed to this fucking disgusting shit? Why is the internet such a stinking vagina stuffed with garbage? We need to clean shit up! But while we do that why don’t we just listen to a whole post of moombahton? GO GRAB THAT SHIT AND LISTEN AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP YOU CUNT HERDERS!

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Top of the morning to you fuckers! My name is Daniel Glover. I am a famous American actor of the cinemas. I have millions of dollars from Lethal Weapons and other movies where I am saying shit like “I am to old for this shit!”. Now I really am to old for this shit! But I want to make talks with you about what is a serious things. When I was the child, moombahton touched my penis and made me abused by it. I was very scared! I was too young for this shit! I will always have hate for the moobahton and the sex it did to me. I am upsetted by the fact that I am forced to make an introduction for that music. There is only moombahton in this post. I hope it does not make to touch your penis or vagina. Be careful.


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