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There is a part of your mom’s uterus where soundclouds are made by tiny elves working night and day. The craft the soundclouds with their tiny fingers making sure that every single one is unique like a snowflake. That’s the story of soundclouds. do you like it? No? Shut up. We are not inventing another one. Anyway, we don’t have much more to say so here are some tunes. Some days we just feel like phoning it in alright. Some days we just need to make edits instead of originals. Inside joke. MUSIC IS AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hello, my name is Carlton Weathers, but you can call me Carl but don’t call me late for dinner. Ha ha, yes I am quite a fucking joker. Let me tell you my mamma used to whoop my ass so hard because I was just making jokes non stop when I was just a little kid in that crazy town that you may call New Orleans but will always be Cracklevania to me. But this is not just about me. This is about the fact that it is Thursday and that there are soundclouds out there that are super. Fuck yeah. And the crazy thing about it is that each one represents an aspect of my life. Let’s take a fucking journey together. Come. Hold my hand. It’s not gay. Just do it. LET’S GO AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hello gents! I am Johnathan L. Leguizamo, star of Hollywood’s “The Pest”. When I’m not pretending to be other people I like to listen to music on my Sony Walkman™ or Microsoft Zune™. Music is maybe the most important tool that I use for what I would call not my “acting” but rather my “becoming”. Indeed it is by listening to soundclouds that I am able to “be” a character. Thus I become The Pest as  Plan B becomes Thugstep. This is the true meaning of art. Let the songs inspire you too. AFTER THE DAMN JUMP…

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PLAN B – B SIDE   2 comments


Immediately following the forging of the Walmer Convenience Dj Duo, The Dirty Frenchman recorded his solo mixtape, Race to Fuck Mountain. Plan B has been angrily readying his introduction since. So with the Frenchman at a whopping 100 or so download headstart and without any ado, here it is for better or worse, The B-Side..

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Fur In My Cap – Rob Roy

Freaky Gurl RMX – Nikki Minaj

All the Above – Maino Ft. T-Pain

Let’s Talk About – Cam’Ron

Texas Boy – Young Mac

I Run – Slim Thug

Bite Down – Boyz N Da Hood

Pillz – Gucci Mane & Big Tank

Gold and a Pager – The Cool Kids

Superman High – R Kelly Ft. Oj Da Juiceman

My Time – Fabolous Ft. Jeremih

Y’all Ain’t Makin No Money – Webbie

Mujeres In El Club – Wisin y Yandel Ft. 50 Cent

They Dykin – Lil Boosie

U Da 1 – Dolla (RIP)

Club To a Bedroom –  Ron Browz Ft. R Kelly

Take You Home 2 My Mama – The Dream


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