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Who is the Kid Cedek? Up until recently we didn’t really know. Like we had seen that fucker around the Facebooks and other places where moombahton is discussed but had not really talked to him. Then we look at the schedule for SXSW and see we’re spinning two jams with that mofo: Heavyset on March 15th & Moomba+ Showcase March 16th. Do literally 1 minute of research. What do you find? Basically this dude makes party exploding tracks like cows make milk and trees make leaves; shit just comes naturally to him. Now we’re excited as fuck to hear this guy play. It’s like dude was always there, making songs that we liked right under our noses. Looking back and doing the math, dude is mad on point, be we ain’t gonna waste your time talking about how good he is. We will let him talk. We also happily let him give us an EXCLUSIVE TRACK to give to you and make you even more excited about Austin next week! GO READ THAT AND GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!

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We are really excited about this one. We got Pickster answering some questions in the runup to the SXSW Moomba+ day party happening March 16. The Moomba+ website is a great place to go to hear live moombahton sets from the best in the business. Tune in to hear the tracks you are gonna be buying 3 months from now.This interview should also appear on Moomba+ later today as well so if you wann read it twice in two different fonts with different URLs at the top then feel free to do so.

But enough of promoting another website. Let’s get to the meat of the issue. An interview with the man Pickster. Gonna have to admit that we really only know his moombahton output but what comes through immediately if you peruse his soundcloud is that this guy obviously has a wide and deep appreciation for all types of different genres and is able to take a mothefucking moombah track and give it a dubstep sensibility or a rap sensibility or a fucking heavy mental sensibility (as you shall see soon). And he pulls it off effortlessly. Where a lot of dudes you can guess what they do next, Pickster keeps you wondering what he will do for his next track and keeps shit interesting. But what is the importance of our words. Wouldn’t you rather hear from Pickster and get a free and exclusive MOOMBAHMETAL TRACK? GO READ THE INTERVIEW AND GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP ASSHOLES!

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Hey fucknuts! #Seapunk is back at Walmer with that fucker Riot Earp hitting you hard with his interpretation of underwater exploration called Whales & Bongs. You fucking listen to this while you swim with the whales and use a bong to breathe. That’s how you live in the sea. This track is exclusive to Walmer and we’re fucking happy to get this piece of madness from a musical killer like this mofo. GO GRAB IT AFTER THE JUMP FUCKERS!

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