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Hey you little baby bitches. Do you want a bottle of warm milk? Maybe instead of sucking on a bottle full of lameness you can shove some good music in your ears. This is the first release for a new label called Lowup Records and if you are a fan of the global bass then you have to buy this shit. Not only do you got Dj Mellow making a hot ass psuedo-moombah banger but then you got the all star lineup of of Sabbo, Los Chicos Altos and Max Le Daron remixing the fuck out of this bitch in ways that will astound you and get your ass to move in new ways. But don’t take our word for it. The only person you can trust is yourself. GO STREAM THAT SHIT AND CHECK OUT THE LINKS TO BUY IT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP ASS CLOWNS!

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Fucking tired like fuck. Head feels like this fucking cop car, like our brain got wrapped around a tree while we were driving. That’s life right now. Dead inside style. Whatever. This is not the time to complain. We ain’t little baby bitches always looking for their bottles and crying tears on the ground. We ain’t no warm milk drinkin’ motherfuckers. Anyway. We don’t feel like fucking entertaining you so how about you fucking just click and GRAB SOME FUCKING TUNES AFTER THE JUMP CUNT FACES!

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Because we heard a lot of crying and because we offer a very fucking vivid and rich media experience, we will need to be doing more “more after the jump…” type shit in here. Otherwise, as you may have noticed, this site runs like ass. So there. If you want the fucking music, you need to fucking make the effort. If you want to know what Kanye, or John C Reilly have to say, you’re gonna have to learn to click on shit and navigate between pages. Let’s see how good you are at it starting now:

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