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Afrojack & Sidney Samson – Quacky (zshare)

If this is what your life looks like then you are so fucked. Everyday is a bad day. In other news, this song is madness. Afrojack has done it again. Sidney Samson has done it again. This is like a dutch house inferno. And what other song can you name that says “donald duck” just before the drop and then becomes insane. Is this song supposed to be about Donald Duck? Are they saying that Donald Duck is crazy? Anyway, if we could just talk to the kids right now. We want to just tell you kids that if you are going to make music, this is what you need to make or whatever is the 2025 version of this. Don’t make deep house. Also, here is a video of the song Riverside. The uk funky version of this song is better:

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