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Enchanté! Karl Lagerfeld taught me that that’s how motherfuckers say “Hi” in Germany. Crazy eh? By the way, I’m noted American thespian Curtis James Jackson III. Hahaha! Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears! That’s acting! That’s how you do it! I live in fucking Connecticut now! Grey Poupon fuckers! I just eat a whole jar of that shit to show how rich I am. Use that shit as fuckin moisturizer too. Fuckin burns my fuckin face. I feed lobster to my dogs. I drive around the fuckin golf course in a Cadillac. That my fuckin golf cart. I have to pay for the whole golf course to be replanted with grass every time I play. That’s my fucking life. Don’t wear it out. Fuck yeah. Check out these fucking songs AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Here’s a picture of those fucking Gooffee fucks tearing shit down at the FIRE SALE party we did on Saturday. Here’s that motherfucker Max Le Daron:

Yeah sure it’s a fucking Tuesday so we’ve had some time to recover but our heads still feel like rocks are inside. Thanks to these fucks for making the party amazing as fuck. How about we go grab some tunes and have ourselves a fucking time at our respective workplaces being tired and pretending to work but really looking at blogs. GO GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!:

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OLD BASS AND THE SEA   1 comment

Do you like bass? Do you like the sea? Well then you should take these fucking songs and go to the sea and listen to them and stay out too long and get a sunburn and then do that again several fucking times and get skin cancer and go to the hospital and when you get there you can see how many people actually care about you and those that don’t fucking come are not your real friends and you can delete them from facebook and that will be your life. LIVE THAT FUCKING LIFE AFTER THE JUMP!

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Cowabunga fuckers! I’m George W Bush! I have been reappointed President of the United States for the next five minutes that you read this so that making jokes about me still seems relevant and that I can make a speech to my fucking country and the fucking world to tell tem about amazing clouds of sound that you can listen to and download from the internet. This shit is tubular!

What They Call Em (Orion Remix)-Kenny Kenny

That last song was like when i was eating pizza with my political bros:

We were so fucking high off the greens and then this song came on and I was like “Hang 10!” and then I jumped on the table like a surf board and kicked the guy from fucking Uraguay in the face and was like “You’re a gay!” You get it? Lol.

Derek ‘DJA’ Allen & Top Billin – Suspiria

This track is like the time I was crying like a little baby because I was so high and I had to talk infront of bros in Africa and they were all looking at me.

Shit was just too much.

TNT “Hot Gyal” vs Lazer Sword “Batman” (Proper Villains Blend)

This last song is like one that was playing when one of the dudes I sent to Iraq came back and told me about all the pussy he had gotten an I was like “Fuckin right son!”

Hostage – Snake Charmer

This song is a good time song about the time I asked the fucking pope how much pussy he got and he was like “So much pussy dude” and I was like “Sweet”

Schlachthofbronx- Nastybass ft spoek mathambo & bigspace

Otherwise, I’m just a big fuckin fan of Schlachthofbronx and I think everybody should listen to their music and maybe get laid to it but definitely smoke some cannons.  Questions?

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