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Just saw this shit sitting on fucking Soundcloud for like 5 days and never saw it posted anywhere and was like “Why the fuck ain’t nobody talking about this.” Like honestly take off your Miles Davis™ Headphones and listen to this awesome ass philly club ep.

If anyone cares these earbuds cost 350 American dollars(!?!?!?). Don’t even know the price in Yen. Why don’t we just stop talking about these fucking lame ass jazz headphones for 60 year old white dudes and GRAB THE EP AND STREAM IT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Maybe you are expecting something clever right now. Maybe that is not possible. Maybe we went out and scouted a place for our next party. Maybe we did blow at some point and had a number of beers. Maybe we are fucking dead inside now at work pretending to be normal people talking to our fucking boss and discussing projected revenue and then in our heads we’re like “I do fucking blow man. I can’t fucking deal with this shit.” That’s our lives. We’re having a fucking meeting and we’re pointing at charts and graphs and shit and we get a drip from the night before fall down our throats and you gotta keep your fucking composure. But anyway. Enough of that. There are soundclouds to blog. Grab them, listen to them, fuck them AFTER THE JUMP ASSHOLES!

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We don’t know why we call this “Super Soundcloud Wednesday”. We post soundclouds all the time. Nothing special there. But we still call it that. So get used to it. Life is best if you don’t ask questions. Life is best if you shut up. But keep your ears open because sometimes you might hear some good fucking music. Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you hate all the stuff we post and you make sure to visit our blog everyday to be like “look at this crap, these guys are stupid cunt motherfuckers that like garbage tunes from shitonia”. Well thanks for boosting our traffic. MUSIC IS AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hello mamma and pappa,

I make a writing of my spring break. I make a many fun on beach. There is truth that I for love there. He is the nice one. It looks that we marry and we go to live in that land is his. I touch happiness for first time mamma and pappa. This life has qualities of happy. Sadness goes.

I love him.

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Biggie made music and now he’s dead. Big Pun ate food and also made music and now he is in Latino Heaven. Kurt Cobain made music and tears and now he is in white people hell. The point is that music is like cigarettes and the more you make the more likely you are to die. It’s a fucking FACT. Ask a fucking doctor:

“You’re gonna fucking die of syphilis and music kiddo”

See? Anyway. Here’s some fucking tunes because we hate you and will dance on your grave once you are gone.

This one is like you took a rocket ship in the 1980’s and it’s fuelled by crack:

Robyn – Cobrastyle (Bloody Beetroots Remix) (mediafire)

This one is like you’re on a roller coaster that goes through a circa 1950s circus where instead of using trumpets, they use pussys to create music:

Ding Dong – Swag (mediafire)

This song is like you are in a fucking storm where instead rain it is lazers falling out of the sky and you are drunk on gin and maybe having sex:

Sticky Noodles – Booty Drop (mediafire)

This song is like they put Kanye in a centrifuge but he still had feelings and wanted to say something about how he cries sometimes. But you enjoy that:

Kanye West – Runaway (Dj Sega Philly Club Remix) (mediafire)


Hey bros! I’m Jaleel White! I like to play a Steve Urkel and Stephan Urquelle on TV’s the Family Matters. I also like music in my free times. This is my story.

Vybz Kartel – Benz Punanny (So Shifty Edit)

That song reminds me of the time I was fucking getting married on some show on TV and just trying to enjoy myself and get famous again and have people care about my life. You probably watched it. The DVD Blue Ray boxed set is only $43.99.

David Heartbreak – Grown Man ish

This song always makes me think how everywhere I go people always come up to me and say “It’s Steve fucking Urkel!”.

I mean like, what the point is is sometimes I bang chicks. Like that picture is from a Sandals resort in Mexico and I nailed the chick in the leopard print because she was the ugliest and had had the most booze. I like to call it “w-urkel-ing it in” you dig? But don’t call me fucking Urkel or i’ll kill you.

Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag (Diplo/Munchi’s ‘Dude, I Can Make This In 5 Min With Acid Pro’ Edit)

If that song makes me think of anything, It’s of the time I was at the Clippers game with my two best middle aged white buddies. We were having the best of times until Gord there on the right spillt his Cherry fucking Coke on my Perry Ellis hoodie and I got into a rage and broke his hand and the security threw me out. I went to Wendy’s and they were closed. I had to eat at fucking Burger King…again…like a peasant.

B.O.B. – The Watcher (Dj Sega Remix)

Well that song was like the time I was Steve Urkel…

It was the time I was loved.

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Facebook it.

Where it a happen.

Lil’ Jon x Dj Sega – Be MACHUKA DIRTY extended (zshare)

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