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Just in time for Halloween, Generation Bass brings out Moombahluv II: Fuck & Fuckability based on the novel Push by Sapphire. If you loved the Moombahsoul series from Heartbreak then this is right up your fucking alley! Listen to this shit in the bathroom while you jerk off or in the bedroom while you finger a pussy or a butthole. Sex time. Read Neil Queen Jones’ words about Moombahluv II, download the fucking music and stream that shit AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hello, my name is Carlton Weathers, but you can call me Carl but don’t call me late for dinner. Ha ha, yes I am quite a fucking joker. Let me tell you my mamma used to whoop my ass so hard because I was just making jokes non stop when I was just a little kid in that crazy town that you may call New Orleans but will always be Cracklevania to me. But this is not just about me. This is about the fact that it is Thursday and that there are soundclouds out there that are super. Fuck yeah. And the crazy thing about it is that each one represents an aspect of my life. Let’s take a fucking journey together. Come. Hold my hand. It’s not gay. Just do it. LET’S GO AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hey bros and brosettes. What’s up? That picture is your brain normally.  Your brain on Walmer is even worse. It’s not even a fucking brain anymore. It’s more like a foot or a slice of ham or drool. Your brain is drool. Are you proud. How the fuck are you gonna graduate from law school now. You won’t even graduate from fail school. You’re so bad at failing you succeed. Whatever. How about some music? HERE IT IS AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hey fuckers! I’m Li-fuck! I mean I’m Bow Wow, just Bow Wow. What’s happening? Do you ever wish that you could be Like Mike? So do I! And this one time I got these magic shoes that made me play like him at the basketball. True story! There was this other movie where I was listening to music and then there were soundclouds and I thought it was called Soundcloudy With A Chance of Meatballs but then I realized it was just my life and the reason why I got confused is that I had no childhood and had to act hood even when I was wearing Pokemon™ underwears. You like music too? Why don’t we listen to some fucking soundclouds together, like a family. I miss mine. LET’S GO AFTER THE JUMP!…

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