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Don’t know what to fucking say about this picture. Shit just looks fucked up. Was looking up fucking pictures of cats and guns and this is one of the things that came up. What the fuck is that? We just wanted to have an innocent picture, that was it. Just a cat and a gun. What about all the children who just want cat and gun fucking pictures for their school project? Are they going to be exposed to this fucking disgusting shit? Why is the internet such a stinking vagina stuffed with garbage? We need to clean shit up! But while we do that why don’t we just listen to a whole post of moombahton? GO GRAB THAT SHIT AND LISTEN AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP YOU CUNT HERDERS!

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Haha! It is I! Fucking Shaquille O’Neal. I’m a fucking genie yo! Jump on my fucking carpet y’all! It’s gonna be a wild ride! Haha! Never a dull moment! Come on kids! Let’s do blow off of tits while we fly in the fucking air! It’s magic! Woohoo! Yeah! I’m so high! Fuck! It’s too fucking much. It’s so high up in this carpet! Look kids! It’s the fucking Statue of Fucking Liberty! Her tits are like the size of a building! Holy shit! Let’s listen fucking music kids! And then we’ll climb on the Statue of Liberty’s tits. You kids like tits right? Let’s go! Haha! MUSIC IS AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Here some fucking moombahton that came out recently. Lots of good shit. Why would we post bad shit? GO GET THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP:

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