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Enchanté! Karl Lagerfeld taught me that that’s how motherfuckers say “Hi” in Germany. Crazy eh? By the way, I’m noted American thespian Curtis James Jackson III. Hahaha! Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears! That’s acting! That’s how you do it! I live in fucking Connecticut now! Grey Poupon fuckers! I just eat a whole jar of that shit to show how rich I am. Use that shit as fuckin moisturizer too. Fuckin burns my fuckin face. I feed lobster to my dogs. I drive around the fuckin golf course in a Cadillac. That my fuckin golf cart. I have to pay for the whole golf course to be replanted with grass every time I play. That’s my fucking life. Don’t wear it out. Fuck yeah. Check out these fucking songs AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Remember how’s there’s music other than moombahton? Like house or dubstep or or shit like goa-trance (your favourite). All that seems to come out right now is moombahton. There have been like 50 fucking EPs in the last week. We need to escape from moombahton for a while. You can listen to other music and do fucking other drugs. Try mixing house music and blow. Try melding dubstep and heroine. Anything is possible. Use crystal meth around the edge of a pussy for flavour. So many recipes you can try at home. Martha Stewart. CHECK OUT A SHITLOAD OF TUNES AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hello gents! I am Johnathan L. Leguizamo, star of Hollywood’s “The Pest”. When I’m not pretending to be other people I like to listen to music on my Sony Walkman™ or Microsoft Zune™. Music is maybe the most important tool that I use for what I would call not my “acting” but rather my “becoming”. Indeed it is by listening to soundclouds that I am able to “be” a character. Thus I become The Pest as  Plan B becomes Thugstep. This is the true meaning of art. Let the songs inspire you too. AFTER THE DAMN JUMP…

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Cam’Ron Gangsta Grillz 2.5 has dropped and it’s doooope. Unfortunately after having given you the equivalent of like four albums worth of shit for free, Cameron Giles has respectfully requested that you cop this effort. We know, it’s the internet and no one buys anything anymore except for their monthly allotment of bandwidth but we here at Walmer Convenience even though we don’t respect much we’ll have to respect this. That being said though, we can’t account for our savage, cheap readers’s googlings…

And even though some tracks have already leaked, here’s another one from it so you can hear how hot it is…

Cam’Ron – We Gettin Money Baby (Zshare)

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You know what would be hilarious though? Watching A Clockwork Orange with OJ Da Juiceman. Or to have him re-voice it in all ATL slang. And to change the songs to the “famous” scenes to OJ songs and the imagery to all-hip hop/trap imagery. That would be beyond ridiculous. You’ll have to register to get this tape but that’s it. Drama’s been going in lately, keep on the lookout for Gansta Grillz 2.5 Featuring Cam and Vado and Vado’s solo mixtapes Slime Flu and Gunz n Butter all dropping soon. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated.



This is the new Cam’Ron Gangsta Grillz mixtape by DJ Drama. It’s a little harder edged hip hop than we usually post but Cam’s one of Plan B’s favorite MC’s so it’s only fitting. It’s the sequel to the first Boss of All Bosses Gangsta Grillz mixtape which you can still get here. Both are dope. Who knows, maybe Diplo’ll start remixing Cam now too..

Boss of All Bosses 2

The first installment..

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