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Hey hey yo! Here’s some fucking fresh ass soundclouds. Check em the fuck out like it’s fucking cowabunga time dudes. Who wants pizza? Let’s do blow! PIZZA BLOW PARTY! Don’t forget the soda pop and potato chips (or crisps as they say in England). Your mom will be there and your sister. We call shotgun! Whatever that means. Which one is shotgun to you? Is your mom shotgun? Is your sister shotgun? YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE! Anyway. Let’s pop some tunes into the CD player and have ourselves a time AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Busy Signal – Gal Bounce (zshare)

What happened folks? Where did it all go wrong? How did this song take over the world? It wasn’t a bad song. It was pretty catchy. We played it during sets even. It just seemed like a song like any other. You know the one. This song:

And then it took over the world. And then everyone remixed it. Even your mom. It’s up on her soundcloud. For the last few months, The Dirty Frenchman hasn’t had the heart to even order an americano at Starbucks. It makes him think of the song. And then his day is finished, lost. Who the fuck played this song in the club Busy Signal was at? Now he is infected. He made his own We No Speak Americano song. Busy Signal is ruined now. We hope the aliens that find the ruins of our civilization 545 years from now don’t find a copy. What have we done?

PS That video SUCKS soooo bad.

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