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This shit came out while we were at SXSW. Didn’t get a chance to check it out until now. Real good shit from your boyz MiniMaXx & DJEJ. They drop a bunch of edits and some originals and for sure you can see why they got onto Rot10 Muzik cuz shit is tight as a virgin’s vagina. These are some good ass tools if you’re playing to people who don’t really fuck with moombah. CHECK IT THE FUCK OUT AFTER THE JUMP FUCKS!

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WEDNESDAY BONUS BASS!   Leave a comment

So it’s been a moombah (also known as moom moom)  fuckfest this week. Lots of new shit. But there is other great shit in other genres that we have had to ignore. So this is the time we are posting that shit. A person cannot live off moombahton alone. You would be going to slow. You would be late all the time. But you would still not be relaxed because you would still be going faster than rap or other bass musics. So let’s grab thos fucking tunes and pretend we have a wide spectrum of tastes beyond moombah based musics AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Have you fuckers seen the movie Drive yet? It’s fucking good. The Dirty Frenchman wishes that his life could aesthetically look like the movie. If his life was actually like the movie he would be shitting and pissing hi pants 24 hours a day because he’s a pussy and that movie is violent as fuck. So why the fuck are we talking about the movie Drive? Because this cover for the So Emotional EP by the Cousin Culo (Cousin Cole) and the Phi Unit looks like Drive style shit. Check it out:

Alright maybe it’s not a perfect match but you get it right? If you don’t get it go fuck yourselves. Anyway is this moombahton EP as violent as Drive? Is it as 80’s as drive and the fucking cover suggest? No it is not. Everyone makes it the fuck out alive. And unlike the movie Drive, people have a good time. You will probably not lode everyone you love listening to this EP. In fact, it a pretty key EP for your moombah collection. It’s got solid remixes of pop favourites that will help fuckers be able to play moombahton to people outside the group of people who are up to date on all the fucking music and are supercool and wear nerd glasses and dress like it’s 1993. This is the moombahton that will get moderate level hipsters to dance. The only weak point is that they didn’t make a fucking remix of this:


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You took fucking drugs. You went to a museum. You couldn’t understand what the fuck was going on. You threw up everywhere. Everyone was pissed. They banned you from the museum for life. Now you can’t get fucking art smart. You walked down the fucking street. You slipped on a piece of runny dog shit. You twisted your fucking ankle. while you were on the ground crying like a bitch you saw a place. It was another museum. A moombahton museum. You went inside. You heard these fucking tracks that are AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP ASSCLOWNS!

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Whose song is Rihanna listening to? Is she listening to the moombahton? Is she listening to the juke? What about the fucking drumstep? “Hi, my names is Rihanna. I like make drumstep play in mines ears.” That’s the way it would be. What would you do if your girlfriend stated liking drumstep? Would you have it play in the background while you guys fuck? Would you play chopped and screwed while you fucked? If you did would it take you 4 hours or 6 to finish? Anyway. Just listen to these songs and imagine Rihanna was in your class in high school. GO GET THEM AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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WE HAVE MODERATE CLOUT VOL 5: PART 2   Leave a comment

We said we would do this like 2 months ago but we lied! We are doing it now! More moderate clout for your sorry asses! What else came in our inbox? Is it a stash of diamonds or cubic zirconias? We will have to dig. This is our cross to bear. First up:

A month ago we got this email telling us this:


(BROOKLYN, NY-NOVEMBER 2, 2010)   One of Hip Hop’s best kept secrets, Kil Ripkin, AKA The Genereal, brings forth his highly anticipated project The Quickening Vol. 1 today. The Quickening Vol. 1 serves as a cosmic ride through the paradigm shift in the spirit of pure, unadulterated Hip Hop. Featuring appearances by Charles Herron, Big Treal (Joe Grizzly) and Ike Turner, this project addresses a range of topics from metaphysics, current social issues like immigration and the economy, to relationships. The soundscape features production from Raticus, Eric G, A Jacks, Eddie Cheeba, Tony Roche and Krutty Ranks; as well as freestyles over some of The Godian’s favorite instrumental vibrations.

STOP THE PRESSES! This exactly what we were waiting for, and by that we mean just the opposite! If there is one thing people need to know about us, it’s that we really couldn’t give a fuck about conscious hip hop. No beef with people who like it. Just that if you need a song to tell you not to slap your bitch then you got other problems. We didn’t even listen to this so who knows? Maybe this is the shit. Can’t fault a cat for hustlin. Maybe this is exactly what YOU want. Here it is:

Don’t really get what this cover is supposed to mean:

Egypt claws? Whatever. Next!

Here’s some hotness for your sorry asses:

David Heartbreak – King Kong

Now this is the type of shit we can get behind! Heartbreak should have called this shit Lazer Steamroller. This is what it sounds like when doves get shot in the face. But wait! There’s more:


If you clicked on that link you would find the song above and two more servings of moombahton fire as part of third installment of his Moombahma series. Get that shit or get yourself a job at a desk and start pushing fucking pencils.

Next is this:

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Breakdown Remix)

This song is by these Breakdown guys from LA and it sounds like they were trying to capture the spirit of their city where people shove fists full of blow into each other’s mouths. That’s how life is there. Is it a good remix? Well Daft Punk belong in a fucking museum so if you like historical music then it is for you.

The last little while we have been getting these emails from some dude named Nappy Famous and we were never reading them and then we bothered to check and it turns out that in an interview on some other more well intentioned and earnest music blog he claims to have coined the word “thugstep”. Here’s one of the tracks he sent us:

B.o.B. – I’ll Be In The Sky (Disc Jockey Nappy vs Girl Unit Thugstep mix (save as)

It becomes weird though since our own Plan B IS THUGSTEP and this guy invented thugstep, does that mean that he is Plan B’s father? Is this his way of reconnecting? Is he like “Listen to this Plan B!”

Beyonce – upgrade you ft. jay-z (disc jockey nappy vs document one vs heist THUGSTEP mix)

“I love you son.”

WHAT IS THE DJ CLEO?   2 comments

DJ Cleo – Mabebeza (zshare)

These elephants got mad beef. They fucking hate each other. They need to relax. If they were listening to DJ Cleo they’d be fucking relaxing. They’d be dancing. Dancing the dance of life.

This song is like african Daft Punk. The style is called kwaito house. You can call it sick shit. When The Dirty Frenchman heard this song he just couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was like the soundtrack to him walking around, riding his bike, taking a shit. It’s addictive. Get hooked. Check out these vids. All these songs fucking rock:

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