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Hey cunts for brains! It’s a fucking Monday! Aren’t you happy to go back to your pitiful work lives! Haha! It’s fucking happy time! Go shoot yourselves in the head! Anyway. Still so many soundclouds of goodness falling into our ears. Too many. People need to stop making so much good free music. Make bad expensive music like LMFAO or Ke$ha. They know how to make fucking money in this biz. Those should be all your role models. Make note of that aspiring musicians and producers. in the meantime take peoples free shit AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!:

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Who the fuck are these dudes? They are The Tribe Called Red. We went to the fucking Drake in Toronto last night and they were playing all this crazy shit like moombahton and rap music and dubstep and bass and then we got so fucking drunk and now we feel like puking at work. Caballo was there with his strong opinions. Dos Mundos fuckers were there. We missed The Torro Torros’ set. We will say they killed it. Slowed fuckers did it again. The Tribe Called Reds are good dudes. They dj like assholes and by assholes we mean geniuses. Shit was messy there. We are messy now. Literally. The Dirty Frenchman didn’t shower before work. He smells like booze and his coworkers probably smell the booze and are pretending they don’t but at the same time judging him. Let’s just listen to music. GRAB IT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP:

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