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The battle of the blogs. The battle of stickers. One on the way up. One looking like it’s alienating everyone who has anything to do with it (but who would give a fuck when you just made a song for Usher). Why the fuck is The Dirty Frenchman smiling like a fucking cunt. He should have a mean face on. But he’s a drunk ass. So he smiled for this. Anyway. Sure WMC is almost over but we’re still gonna fucking post all the latest shit you need to wreck parties. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO LET’S GET THIS GOING AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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What is Peasunk you asked? It’s seapunk as done by these fucks. That fucker David Beltran (of Starfoxxx fame) rounded up a whole bunch of young upcoming assholes in the music scene and got them to contribute tracks to this. If you are a person who likes new stuff and is adventurous then take a #dive in this bitch. If you are scared of novelty then stay the fuck home or don’t click to download. This is an undersea adventure where you will need to bring special k and lots of pot. GO GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!

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Right now, people are making music that dolphins can get into. It’s called fucking Seapunk and either you’re in it taking a swim or your standing on dry land like some kinda fool. We talked about it before. We gonna talk about it again. Take a splash in this new ocean. Take a piss in this new ocean. Don’t take a shit though. That shit floats and everyone will see it and plus it might float back to the beach and then you will have to pretend it is not yours and look shocked when you see it. LET’S GRAB THOSE NEW TUNES AFTER THE JUMP!

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You know what the fuck is good? This fucking EP is good. Do you like bass? Yes? Then you have to download this shit. There is no maybe. Do you like maybe? If you asked us a question, would you want us to reply “maybe”? No you wouldn’t. There are some great master bass crafters here. Who? Well there is the winner of our last who is best competition Go Buck! (who probably cheated). There is Nader, Stlkrfxxx/David Beltran (formerly of the Starfoxxxes), Flubba and then these other dudes who we don’t know like Kid Quest and Stupidrichkidz. Why all the kids? Anyway, go grab the whole thing because it’s free like the air you breath AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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