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Hey! Assholes! What’s up! You know what these moombahton tracks are gonna do to you? Gonna bite your fucking ear off is what. Gonna have a fucking piece of your ear missing. That will be your life. You can either deal with it or cry like a baby. An ear-less baby. Nobody wants an ear-less baby. Those get returned to the vagina in exchange for another baby. Because that how pregnancy works. Either that or a fucking bird brings your baby. Bird shit baby. Anyway. Enough about birds and babies. Let’s listen to some moombahton AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!:

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There are two things we know about women: 1. They have vaginas and boobies. 2. They always get angry. Like the other fucking day, we were trying to play poker with our friends and we forgot it was our daughter’s ballet recital. Oh boy, did our fucking wife get angry! And then there was the time we forgot our anniversary. There was a lot of negative energy coming from her that day. And then there was the time she caught us having some harmless ass sex with another woman. She just all of a sudden flipped the fuck out and started just yelling out of nowhere. What the hell? We couldn’t even just chill and listen to music and she made that situation all about her. Anyway, here’s the tracks that we were playing when we fucked the other chick. GRAB THEM AFTER THAT JUMP FUCKERS!

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