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We recently had a great opportunity at the Walmer Convenience Musical Blog. Can you guess what it was? Duh! We got to interview that fucker Munchi! That’s the fucking title of the post, get with it. We’re really excited to interview this dude who everyone is saying is gonna be the next big thing. It must pretty fucking awesome and pretty fucking tiring to hear that shit. We don’t give a shit about the hype though, the reason we care is that this dude is one of the few people who have made music that has blown our fucking minds. When The Dirty Frenchman first heard the moombahton track Sandungueo he was high as fuck and supposed to meet up with his girlfriend for a fucking date. Once he heard it he could not stop playing that shit over and over again. That was not only the first Munchi track he had ever heard but it was also the first moombahton track. He got so into that shit that he came like half an hour late for his date and got in shit and didn’t get laid. That whole Munchi Moombahton Promo EP was like BOOM! There is a whole new world! It was one of those fucking moments you always remember.

If you don’t know the story of Munchi you can look it up. We’re not his fucking biographers. All you need to know is that at that point in his life he was just some dude sending emails to people asking them to post his tracks and being super fucking thankful that you did. That was back in early 2010. In a year and a half there have been some ups and downs but that fucker is now one of the hottest and in demand producers of Electronic Dance Music in the world, having worked or working with some of the biggest names. The great thing about him is that he is still humble as fuck, still talks to average ass joes like us and still genuinely loves fucking music and will talk about it to anyone who asks him. The man can best be described as a musical scholar having observed or participated in a number of recent musical movements. He is concerned not just with the music itself but with the culture of the music. Are people using a music to it’s highest potential? Is the movement creating a lasting genre or the latest hipster style for 6 months? Basically how can we make things better? Did we also mention the dude is only 22 years old? (What have we done with our lives?) But fuck, if we write anything else we’ll fucking spoil it so let’s just let Munchi speak for himself and then we’ll have links to most of his most important work up until now. He’s also given us the privilege of hosting AN EXCLUSIVE TRACK! (WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!) The most amazing part is that most of his shit is fucking free! GO READ THE INTERVIEW AND GRAB CLASSIC MUNCHI TRACKS EVEN THOUGH YOU SHOULD HAVE THEM ALREADY AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP! EXCLUSIVE TRACK “FUCK THIS” IS AT THE END! THE SONG IS TRAP-MOOMBAHTON AND IS HARD AS FUCK. TRACK GONNA TAKE OVER!

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Hey bros! Come sail the seas of fuck and wonderment with us as we search the world for the golden vagina. Inside you can find soundclouds and adventure. Do you dare to go in? You have been there before. To make it in this world you have to have what it takes to get ahead. As Sir Winston Churchill once said “Pussy is the alcohol of the masses”. Do you drink it? This is the moment your life changed. Feel the music AFTER THE JUMP: Read the rest of this entry »


Drumstep was invented in China in the year 1246 by Tzu Yi. Its a fuckin music that has half drum and bass, half dubstep and all your mom’s pussy. It came to Europe in 1452 when Marco Polo tweeted the music out of his asshole. That’s the true story. Make it into a Hollywood movie starring John C Reilly. Make money from it. Take the money to Blow Depot and buy 3 kilos. Repeat. Tunage AFTER THAT FUCKING JUMP…

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Here the fuck it is! FUCKMATAZZ VOL II: MOOMBAHFUCK or THE FUCKET LIST. TAKE YOUR PICK! It can be what you want it to be. One thing that it is is proof that Walmer Convenience murders moombahton like your mom murdered your dad and then told you that he left you because he doesn’t love you. We were one of the first blogs to break moombahton when that scrappy adolescent known as Munchi was still emailing people asking them to listen to his shit (happy recovery buddy). You can tweet about moombahton all you like. You can have a moombahton night and act like your are the most moombahtoniest in your city (Toronto) but you will never play it like Walmer. Mix and tracklist after THE MOTHERFUCKIN JUMP…

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