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Ladies and gentlemen this right here is the Cadillac of t-shirts. If you grew up in the ghetto, spent your time doing all you could to be the best at basketball, got drafted to the NBA right out of high school and got offered $50 million before you turned 20 years old then this is the shirt that you wear. You don’t wear this shirt if you’re the fucking manager at Burger King not even if you’re the manager at KFC which is slightly more prestigious (face the truth Burger King). No sir. This shirt says “I made it”. Be somebody AFTER THE JUMP!…

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Killa Kickin Knowledge



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Camuel Jackson – Girls Drawls Drops (Zshare)

YES! Today (two days ago?) is King Joffe Joe’s birthday and in honor of such a momentus occasion the motherfuckers over at put together a crazy compilation of Cam’Ron shit you’ve never heard. Peep game, long live the movement….DIPSET DIPSET


  1. Intro/Takeover
  2. It’s Nothing
  3. Look In Our Eyes w/ Young Gunz
  4. Harlem (feat. Chinky Brown Eyes)
  5. Overnight Celebrity (Remix) w/ Twista & 50 Cent
  6. Aw Naww (Remix) w/ Nappy Roots
  7. Can’t Take It (feat. Hell Rell)
  8. New York State Of Mind (feat. Fat Joe & Remy Martin)
  9. You Gotta Love It (Original)
  10. Curtis
  11. Halftime Show
  12. Oh What A Night
  13. Hot Boyz Freestyle
  14. Green Lantern Freestyle
  15. Dynasty Freestyle (feat. Jim Jones & Juelz Santana)
  16. DJ Clue Freestyle (feat. Cardan)
  17. Murda Mixtape Freestyle
  18. Rush Hour Freestyle (feat. Beanie Sigel)
  19. Rush Hour Freestyle Part 2
  20. Tim Westwood Freestyle
  21. Pull It (feat. DMX)
  22. NBC w/ Charli Baltimore & Noreaga
  23. I Reps w/ Prodigy & Queen Pen
  24. Good Morning America w/ H.O.T. Ones
  25. We Ride w/ R.Kelly, Jay-Z, Noreaga, Vegas Boyz
  26. Gettin’ Jiggy With It (Remix) w/ Will Smith, Big Pun, Jermaine Dupri, R.O.C.
  27. Do Your Thing (feat. Nicole Wray)
  28. Whatcha Need (feat. Juelz Santana)

Walmer Radio December 7, 2010   Leave a comment

Yup, we’re on a roll!! Sure, it’s a day late but what else would you expect from a guy like Plan B? He doesn’t care about schedules, due dates or deadlines, those are just loose guidelines to him. Here’s a little mix of some rap music, some new some old but true to form most of the artists contained in this body of work are either incarcerated or not with us anymore, so pour some out for Dolla and $tack and Free Lil Boosie and Max B.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Make a Toast – Dolla (RIP)

Killa Cam – Cam’Ron

Church – T-Pain

Money Round Here – C-Ride ft. T-Pain

Get Off Me Now – Treal Lee & Prince Rick

Wanksta – 50 Cent

Black & Yellow – Wiz Khalifa

Wipe Me Down – Foxx ft. Lil Boosie (Free Lil Boosie)

This is What They Want – $tack Bundles (RIP)

Never Wanna Go Back – Max B (Free Max B)

A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT…   Leave a comment


Cam’Ron Gangsta Grillz 2.5 has dropped and it’s doooope. Unfortunately after having given you the equivalent of like four albums worth of shit for free, Cameron Giles has respectfully requested that you cop this effort. We know, it’s the internet and no one buys anything anymore except for their monthly allotment of bandwidth but we here at Walmer Convenience even though we don’t respect much we’ll have to respect this. That being said though, we can’t account for our savage, cheap readers’s googlings…

And even though some tracks have already leaked, here’s another one from it so you can hear how hot it is…

Cam’Ron – We Gettin Money Baby (Zshare)


This is the new Cam’Ron Gangsta Grillz mixtape by DJ Drama. It’s a little harder edged hip hop than we usually post but Cam’s one of Plan B’s favorite MC’s so it’s only fitting. It’s the sequel to the first Boss of All Bosses Gangsta Grillz mixtape which you can still get here. Both are dope. Who knows, maybe Diplo’ll start remixing Cam now too..

Boss of All Bosses 2

The first installment..

PLAN B – B SIDE   2 comments


Immediately following the forging of the Walmer Convenience Dj Duo, The Dirty Frenchman recorded his solo mixtape, Race to Fuck Mountain. Plan B has been angrily readying his introduction since. So with the Frenchman at a whopping 100 or so download headstart and without any ado, here it is for better or worse, The B-Side..

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Fur In My Cap – Rob Roy

Freaky Gurl RMX – Nikki Minaj

All the Above – Maino Ft. T-Pain

Let’s Talk About – Cam’Ron

Texas Boy – Young Mac

I Run – Slim Thug

Bite Down – Boyz N Da Hood

Pillz – Gucci Mane & Big Tank

Gold and a Pager – The Cool Kids

Superman High – R Kelly Ft. Oj Da Juiceman

My Time – Fabolous Ft. Jeremih

Y’all Ain’t Makin No Money – Webbie

Mujeres In El Club – Wisin y Yandel Ft. 50 Cent

They Dykin – Lil Boosie

U Da 1 – Dolla (RIP)

Club To a Bedroom –  Ron Browz Ft. R Kelly

Take You Home 2 My Mama – The Dream


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