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We’ve talked about it before. There is a new music on the scene. It’s boombahchero. It sounds like music made for donkeys. Seriously. How is someone supposed to dance to it? It’s like comedy music. If someone tried to dance to it they would fall over. It makes no sense. It’s like you were transported to the cartoon world of Roger Rabbit. Click after the jump. ENTER THAT FUCKING WORLD FUCKERS!

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Hey fuckfaces. Have you ever taken pee and thought you were done and pull up your pants and then more comes out and your fuckin undies got pee in them? It’s a living. That would be terrible if that happened when you took a shit. You would need to take a long hard look at your life. Maybe you would need to listen to musics to find meaning in the world. Maybe you would click ahead to listen to soundclouds AFTER THE JUMP (get it?)

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BOOMBAHCHERO?   1 comment

Heartbreak & Munchi – Face Off (Orion Edit) (zshare)

So. Moombahton is like slowed down shit with a reggaeton vibe (mainly slowed down dutch house). Boombachero is like sped up moombahton to like 140 bpm. That’s just the most direct way to create music using a path like this:

Anyway. We really liked Munchi and Heartbrake’s latest free dose of heat called Fuck H&M. The cover for the album is one of the greatest shittiest covers ever made of anything:

They just hate H&M. That’s it. The Dirty Frenchman gets half his clothes from H&M. What a fucking loser he is. When we first saw the name of the ep we thought they were saying fuck themselves (H&M = Heartbreak & Munchi). It confused us. Get that good shit here.

Now this guy Orion came along and took that moombahton and forged it into boombachero. He remade Fuck H&M into a new beast.


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