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After the fucking apocalypse there will be no room for moombahton. No light-hearted fun at the end of the world. We will need bass and plenty of it. People who listen to moombahton after the apolcalypse will be moving too slow. Cannibals will easily catch up with them. People who are listening to bass may be moving even slower. But they will be heavily armed with axes and hammers. People who listen to moombahton will be armed with hugs. You can’t kill a person with hugs unless you are some kind of musclebound bohemoth. There are probably like 3 people in the world that like moombahton and are also musclebound bohemoths. They will be the only people to carry the moombahton torch into the future. They still might get fucking killed by a bunch of people who like bass music if those people gang up on them. HERE’S SOME BASS MUSIC TO BE PREPARED AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP:

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It was just a normal time in the toilet for you. You were like “What could go wrong? I’m just doing some blow and getting the fuck out of here just like every lunchtime.” You wanted peace and quiet. You didn’t want your friends to walk in. But you heard something. You heard noises coming from the toilet. No one was taking a shit. It didn’t make sense. You looked in. You discovered the secret. The toilet was filled with soundclouds. It didn’t make sense but it did. You were dancing to the beat. Doing blow to the beat. You went back to work and had the best fucking day of your life. Printed out so many fucking files. But what were the soundclouds that you heard? GO GRAB THE FUCK OUT OF THOSE SOUNDCLOUDS AFTER THE JUMP!

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Separated at birth? Haha! Anyway, we got some hot shit in store for you either today or tomorrow but in the meantime we got more music for your stupid asses. We always need to be shoveling out music like a bunch of labourers in a salt mine. GIVE US FUCKING HUMAN RIGHTS! Anyway. Let’s get the is music party started. Enough fucking chit chat. We honestly don’t give a fuck about your wife and kids and if you don’t have kids we don’t give a fuck about your sperm or uterus. This is not the Walmer Convenience Family Blog of Putting Up Pictures My Kids Drew On The Fridge or WCFBPMDOTF. GO GET SOME NEW SHIT AFTER THE JUMP CUNT BRAINS!

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Hey hey! My name is Afrojacks. I invented moombahton. Fuck all of y’all. I don’t drink milk. I pour Crystal™ on my fucking cereal. I eat fucking Caviar Pops. They’re like Corn Pops but they taste like fucking fish and cost $2000 per box. That’s my life. That’s Afrojack. I’m working on a track with Justin Bieber. I fucked Lady Gaga. That was so weird. There were ostriches in the same room when it happened. One of them licked my right testicle. It’s tongue was rough. I still see it’s face when I close my eyes.

Have you met my friends yet? is the fucking black dude from Blast Iced Fleas and there’s Dave Gettus and that guy from Florida who I don’t remember his name. Here’s some tracks AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey bros and brosettes. What’s up? That picture is your brain normally.  Your brain on Walmer is even worse. It’s not even a fucking brain anymore. It’s more like a foot or a slice of ham or drool. Your brain is drool. Are you proud. How the fuck are you gonna graduate from law school now. You won’t even graduate from fail school. You’re so bad at failing you succeed. Whatever. How about some music? HERE IT IS AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hey bros. Who you callin on the fucking phone? Are you callin your mamma to tell her that you’re scared? Are you callin the stripper that you fell in love with? Are you T-Pain in the year 2005? Why the fuck are you using a payphone anyway? Who are you? Why do they even exist? You’re like “Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. I just need to go over to the nearest glass walled conversation box and talk to a stripper for half an hour about the mix CD I just made her on the electronic equivalent of a tin can telephone. Toodles.”

“It’s cool Kandy. I can stop by and get some more crab shampoo on the way there. Have you listened to the latest CD I made you?”

How about we listen to some fucking music after this jump…

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This is our hot tub!

This is our drink sponsor!

This is our mothafuckin’ boat!

Why? Because we have moderate clout bitches!

So what has landed in our inbox recently? A lot.

First, direct your attention here. Did you read that? Did you see that Walmer Convenience was cited at ZZK Records? This is proof our opinion matters. Matters a moderate amount. People are like “Well if Walmer Convenience thinks they are the best then it must be true”. It just makes sense. Use a calculator if you need to check the math.

Furthermore we have received new news from ZZK twice since. Count it! 1, 2. Finished! Firstly there is a new EP from Fauna with a remix by the unstoppable Douster of the song Gauchito Gil that we have already featured on the blog in it’s original form. This is what it sounds like:

Plus they are going on a Northern Hemisphere tour! Sure the website looks like it dates from 1996 but the news is good. Will they be bringing Douster, Fauna and El Remolon to Toronto? They better. We only have moderate clout so someone else get on that. Stat! This is their email:

What else? El Remelon has a new mixtape. This is the direct link. This is the tracklist:

1.El Remolón vs Sinead O´Connor – Jah Nuh Dead
2.El Remolón – Mujeres vs Daft Punk
3.Junior Boys vs Ladybox – Tick Tock (El Remolón cumbia mashup)
4.El Remolón feat Fantasma vs Lady Gaga – Love Game
5.Los Pibes Chorros vs El Remolón Jam
6.Un Mono Azul feat Lido Pimienta – Ninfa de la mar (El Remolón mix)
7.El Remolón feat Fantasma – Liga del Sabor Digital
8.Ghislain Poirier feat Boogat – Kalima Shop Titi (El Remolón Remix)
9.El Remolón feat Marina vs Sokio – Vem Que Tem (edit)
10.Los Pericos – Me Late (El Remolón Remix)
11.El Remolón vs Dante – Listo Pa Gozar el Mostro
12.El Remolón feat Boogat – Estilo Acapulco
13.Bomba Stereo – Fuego (El Remolón Remix)
14.El Remolón vs Maluca – El Tigeraso (Cumbiastep Mix)
15.El Remolón feat Lido Pimienta – Basta Ya (Dubstep Mix)

It’s a chilled out mix in the cumbia style. Good to get really high to. Smoke tons of weed for it. Dreamy shit.

Well, that’s enough of us being the official ZZK Records Toronto news service. What else is there to talk about? Well the good sports at Low Life Inc have sent us a bunch of stuff. Like this by B.R.U.C.E. or these cool cats:

B.R.U.C.E. – The Wallet (direct link)

Don’t they look jazzy? This is not our cup of tea. But Low Life Inc likes to challenge us. The above song would be good for playing at the Comfort Zone. Toronto people know what we are talking about. It kinda drones on and if you were on three MDMAs you might find happiness in it. This guy knows what we’re talking about:

Next we got dubstep from them by Meesha who is a man with a girl’s name and is sad and just wants to get good reception for his TV:

This is progress for Low Life Inc though on two counts:

1. We have posted dubstep here before so it is not like they are sending us something that is completely not from any style that we like.

2. Meesha is from Toronto and we like repping local peeps. Unless they are douches. Is Meesha a douche? Maybe.

This is his song:

Meesha – Daat (direct link)

It’s an ok song at best. It seems like he’s trying to go all Joy Orbison on our asses. The Bombaman remix is better:

Meesha – Daat (Bombaman Remix) (direct link)

It has more ambiance. Like a sunset in Paris where people are hitting each other with two by fours and birds are robots.

Well that is all for now. Keep sending us music. We don’t always like it and we’re kind of assholes but Walmer gives it to you real. This is a grown man’s game.

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