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Who is Jimi Needles? Is he just a man with a gun for a head or is he more than that? Is he a dj? Is he a producer? Is he a musician? All of the above? Well if you stay tuned you can find the fuck out because we interviewed this fucker. Jimi is a longtime friend of Walmer fucking Convenience Musical Blog and is reponsible for some of our early favourite moombahton and moombahcore tracks. Check out his soundcloud. He gave us a heads up that he had a new mix coming out on RAMP FM tomorrow (you will have to ask him about what time it is playing because we forgot to ask him before putting this up).

Anyway, we did a little interview with this fucker so why don’t you guys go check it out AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hey hey! My name is Afrojacks. I invented moombahton. Fuck all of y’all. I don’t drink milk. I pour Crystal™ on my fucking cereal. I eat fucking Caviar Pops. They’re like Corn Pops but they taste like fucking fish and cost $2000 per box. That’s my life. That’s Afrojack. I’m working on a track with Justin Bieber. I fucked Lady Gaga. That was so weird. There were ostriches in the same room when it happened. One of them licked my right testicle. It’s tongue was rough. I still see it’s face when I close my eyes.

Have you met my friends yet? is the fucking black dude from Blast Iced Fleas and there’s Dave Gettus and that guy from Florida who I don’t remember his name. Here’s some tracks AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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