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Top of the morning to you fuckers! My name is Daniel Glover. I am a famous American actor of the cinemas. I have millions of dollars from Lethal Weapons and other movies where I am saying shit like “I am to old for this shit!”. Now I really am to old for this shit! But I want to make talks with you about what is a serious things. When I was the child, moombahton touched my penis and made me abused by it. I was very scared! I was too young for this shit! I will always have hate for the moobahton and the sex it did to me. I am upsetted by the fact that I am forced to make an introduction for that music. There is only moombahton in this post. I hope it does not make to touch your penis or vagina. Be careful.


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Why did we post this building. It looks kinda crazy. We don’t know where the fuck it is or what the fuck it is. Do you live in this? If you live here it looks like you would have to be some kind of sinister motherfucker plotting shit and eye fucking women on a regular and hurting animals and shit and generally being a fucking creep. That’s your life. You just sit in a high backed chair all fucking day. Don’t know why but you fucking do. Anyway LET’S GO GRAB SOME FUCKING SOUNDCLOUDS AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hey. How the fuck are all of you? That picture up there is of The Uproot Andy from the SLOWED party in Toronto last Saturday. Starting tomorrow we will be djing 3 nights in a fucking row. We’re gonna spin way better than that guy and by that we mean 50% as good because he murdered it. He’s really fucking good. Kudos again to The Torro Torros and Le Dew Its for promising him a happy ending massage to get him to play in this town. If you want succeed in fucking show business YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT YOUR ALL! But rub and tugs aside, what with the whole UK moombahton spectacular and all that we’ve passed over a lot of good ass music that maybe you will like or maybe hate but whatever if you’re here you might as well listen because you’re a guest and it would be impolite so go listen to that shit AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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