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Is there a thing as too much bass? Is there a thing as too much face? Maybe. This is world with a million Nicholas Cages just running around in a cage. What does that mean? Nothing. It means mostly that we don’t know what the fuck to write right now. We complain a lot about entertaining you fucks. IT IS SO HARD TO PLEASE YOU! Let’s fucking say that this post is just gonna be for bass music (we’ve complained about this before, all music has bass) and then we’ll do a fucking moombahton post for your fucking pleasure. You would like that no? If not go read a fucking blog about feelings. If you want to have your own fun with Nick Cage’s fucking head go here. OTHERWISE GO GRAB SOME BASS AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!:

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Maybe you are expecting something clever right now. Maybe that is not possible. Maybe we went out and scouted a place for our next party. Maybe we did blow at some point and had a number of beers. Maybe we are fucking dead inside now at work pretending to be normal people talking to our fucking boss and discussing projected revenue and then in our heads we’re like “I do fucking blow man. I can’t fucking deal with this shit.” That’s our lives. We’re having a fucking meeting and we’re pointing at charts and graphs and shit and we get a drip from the night before fall down our throats and you gotta keep your fucking composure. But anyway. Enough of that. There are soundclouds to blog. Grab them, listen to them, fuck them AFTER THE JUMP ASSHOLES!

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Yeah, fuck you. We already fucking know so you can shut the fuck up. We know this mixtape came out already a long time ago (a week?) and your mom sent it to you in an email forward so you know it’s already so popular that’s it’s totally not cool to like this and you’ll be like “Walmer are a bunch of slow stupid assholes” but there is a reason. The reason is that Bird fucking Peterson has finally released unmixed versions of the songs on this mixtape. What you fuckers don’t know is that we would have had a lot of trouble putting up just a mixtape. We basically put up only our mixtapes with few exceptions. Why would we want the spotlight on other djs? We’re greedy and needy. Praise and recognition are our food. Now that you fuckers can actually download fucking songs, we’ll put it up. So go get the mixtape and the unmixed tracks assfuckers AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP:

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Has your face ever melted off like it was made of wax? If not then you have never lived and also you have never died so maybe you just come out even steven as the kids like to say nowadays. You know what else those pesky kids like? They like music. They fucking play it out of their Sony™ Discman players. Don’t they care about their hearing? Fucking assholes. Anyway this probably what they play in their Discmen (is that a real thing?) AFTER THE JUMP CUNTS!

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What are the qualities that you find enjoyable about American pussy?

That it smells like french fries?

That it is reliable?

That it is roomy?

That it comes in a variety of colours?

That it can be dangerous?

That you can get it a different price points?

Is American pussy best on vacation or during business hours?

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