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Who the fuck are the Killabits? They’re fucking bass dudes from Toronto. We’ve probably seen these fuckers around places. Never met the dudes. They’ve been a big part of the Bassmentality jams (legendary jams that we never go to because we gotta work like a bunch of fucking losers, shit is every Wednesday). Definitely keep an eye out for these fucks. Shit is up and coming. Fuckers toured with Figure. As part of some Jewish Christmas thing they’re dropping jams every fucking day more than your mom drops her pants. CHECK THAT SHIT. Right now we got a fucking moombahcore remix of Noisa. GO GRAB IT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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THE THURSDAY AFTER   Leave a comment

Hey, who are those two fucks? Is that Sto of the Walmer Convenience on the left with the famous dj named Mat The Alien at the Bassmentality party of Toronto last night? It just might be. So why don’t we do a post with some of his stuff and other fucking things. A little musical potpourri. Listen to these songs in bed, at the grocery store, in your mom’s vagina. The choice is yours.  Go get those tracks AFTER THE JUMP FUCKERS!

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DRUMSTEP MAYHEM IN T.O.   Leave a comment

Do you know the maniac in this picture? No, not Sto. Besides him. That is Figure aka the motherfuckin monster. This guy murdered Toronto the other night.  Besides Crizzly, this man has the toughest drumstep around. If Figure and Crizzly ever battled, dancefloors, speakers, your drink, heads and pussies would explode. And it would be one of the best parties that you ever went, or died to. Big ups to Bassmentality, Daysha, Nav, Figure, and all of T.O. that was out that night.

Is Walmer still on fuckin vacation?! Where the fuck is my music after the jump? Where the fuck is my soundclouds of fuck/shit/pussy/mom/fuck!?! Who the fuck is posting this right now? You and your shitty Acer laptop that keeps freezing sucks!

Not to worry though, The Dirty Frenchman should be back with a vengeance next week. Anything you’ve sent us the past 3 weeks, which we may appear to have slept on, will be filtered through your mom’s pussy soon and shed out through her tears of love and sweat on the dancefloor.

In the meantime though, enjoy this “Where’s Walmer?” trivia music video. Fuck Waldo! Can you spot Plan B? What about The Dirty Frenchman? Here’s the hard one, try and spot Sto. Shouts to our boy Catalog spittin on this one. Hard in the Fall. Trust.

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