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You see that shit? That’s the fucking hottest pepper in the world. What is it called? We fucking forgot, all we did is look up “hottest pepper” on Google and take this picture. This shit will burn the fuck out of your mouth. Maybe you will die. Have you reserved a plot at the graveyard yet? No? You’re screwed. Before you die you need to listen to some music. You need to listen to some soundclouds. THEY ARE AFTER THE JUMP!

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RAP TRAXX!!   4 comments

Name the last bad song Jackie Chain did…and we’ll erase your comment.

Mo shit after the fuckin flip!!

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You’ve been warned. Soundclouds are no joke. They’ll hunt you. They’ll find you. This ain’t no fuckin game. You been playin’ Scrabble to long. You shook! R.I.P. Nate Dogg. Heaven just got better hooks. MUSIC AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hey bros! I’m Jaleel White! I like to play a Steve Urkel and Stephan Urquelle on TV’s the Family Matters. I also like music in my free times. This is my story.

Vybz Kartel – Benz Punanny (So Shifty Edit)

That song reminds me of the time I was fucking getting married on some show on TV and just trying to enjoy myself and get famous again and have people care about my life. You probably watched it. The DVD Blue Ray boxed set is only $43.99.

David Heartbreak – Grown Man ish

This song always makes me think how everywhere I go people always come up to me and say “It’s Steve fucking Urkel!”.

I mean like, what the point is is sometimes I bang chicks. Like that picture is from a Sandals resort in Mexico and I nailed the chick in the leopard print because she was the ugliest and had had the most booze. I like to call it “w-urkel-ing it in” you dig? But don’t call me fucking Urkel or i’ll kill you.

Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag (Diplo/Munchi’s ‘Dude, I Can Make This In 5 Min With Acid Pro’ Edit)

If that song makes me think of anything, It’s of the time I was at the Clippers game with my two best middle aged white buddies. We were having the best of times until Gord there on the right spillt his Cherry fucking Coke on my Perry Ellis hoodie and I got into a rage and broke his hand and the security threw me out. I went to Wendy’s and they were closed. I had to eat at fucking Burger King…again…like a peasant.

B.O.B. – The Watcher (Dj Sega Remix)

Well that song was like the time I was Steve Urkel…

It was the time I was loved.

WE HAVE MODERATE CLOUT VOL 5: PART 2   Leave a comment

We said we would do this like 2 months ago but we lied! We are doing it now! More moderate clout for your sorry asses! What else came in our inbox? Is it a stash of diamonds or cubic zirconias? We will have to dig. This is our cross to bear. First up:

A month ago we got this email telling us this:


(BROOKLYN, NY-NOVEMBER 2, 2010)   One of Hip Hop’s best kept secrets, Kil Ripkin, AKA The Genereal, brings forth his highly anticipated project The Quickening Vol. 1 today. The Quickening Vol. 1 serves as a cosmic ride through the paradigm shift in the spirit of pure, unadulterated Hip Hop. Featuring appearances by Charles Herron, Big Treal (Joe Grizzly) and Ike Turner, this project addresses a range of topics from metaphysics, current social issues like immigration and the economy, to relationships. The soundscape features production from Raticus, Eric G, A Jacks, Eddie Cheeba, Tony Roche and Krutty Ranks; as well as freestyles over some of The Godian’s favorite instrumental vibrations.

STOP THE PRESSES! This exactly what we were waiting for, and by that we mean just the opposite! If there is one thing people need to know about us, it’s that we really couldn’t give a fuck about conscious hip hop. No beef with people who like it. Just that if you need a song to tell you not to slap your bitch then you got other problems. We didn’t even listen to this so who knows? Maybe this is the shit. Can’t fault a cat for hustlin. Maybe this is exactly what YOU want. Here it is:

Don’t really get what this cover is supposed to mean:

Egypt claws? Whatever. Next!

Here’s some hotness for your sorry asses:

David Heartbreak – King Kong

Now this is the type of shit we can get behind! Heartbreak should have called this shit Lazer Steamroller. This is what it sounds like when doves get shot in the face. But wait! There’s more:


If you clicked on that link you would find the song above and two more servings of moombahton fire as part of third installment of his Moombahma series. Get that shit or get yourself a job at a desk and start pushing fucking pencils.

Next is this:

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Breakdown Remix)

This song is by these Breakdown guys from LA and it sounds like they were trying to capture the spirit of their city where people shove fists full of blow into each other’s mouths. That’s how life is there. Is it a good remix? Well Daft Punk belong in a fucking museum so if you like historical music then it is for you.

The last little while we have been getting these emails from some dude named Nappy Famous and we were never reading them and then we bothered to check and it turns out that in an interview on some other more well intentioned and earnest music blog he claims to have coined the word “thugstep”. Here’s one of the tracks he sent us:

B.o.B. – I’ll Be In The Sky (Disc Jockey Nappy vs Girl Unit Thugstep mix (save as)

It becomes weird though since our own Plan B IS THUGSTEP and this guy invented thugstep, does that mean that he is Plan B’s father? Is this his way of reconnecting? Is he like “Listen to this Plan B!”

Beyonce – upgrade you ft. jay-z (disc jockey nappy vs document one vs heist THUGSTEP mix)

“I love you son.”

WALMER RADIO NOVEMBER 15TH 2010!   Leave a comment

Blam! That’s the sound that your head will make when you get hit by the hardness that Plan B brings to this week’s edition of Walmer Radio. Make sure you do some crunches before you listen because this combination of dubstep with a dash of hip hop will knock the wind out of you. Enjoy fuckers!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Skrillex- Kill Everybody (Original Mix)
Ceelo Green – Fuck You (Dr Palo Dubstep Remix)
The Bloody Beetroots – Warp (Dirtyphonics Dubstep Remix)
Diplo & Lil Jon – U Don’t Like Me (Datsik Remix)
Dragonette – Animale (Datsik Remix)
Game Ft. Waka Flocka Flame (Produced By Lex Luger) – Get ‘Em
The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (Zeds Dead Remix)
B.O.B Feat. Wes Fife – Haterz Everywhere (Subvader Remix)
French Montana – Deuces Freestyle
Rusko – Hold On Ft. Amber Coffman (12th Planet Remix)
Trey Songz – Bottom’s Up (Remix) (Feat. Gucci Mane And Wiz Khalifa)


Mr. 305

Mr. 305



Hope this is an old picture...

Hope this is an old picture...But that's Jim Jonsin

Pitbull – Across the World feat B.o.B. (Zshare)
Jim Jonson sure does produce some heat. He was killin it this whole summer along with KE On the Track. Jonsin’s responsible for some of the past couple year’s hottest southern hip hop including Lollipop by lil Wayne, Slim Thug’s I Ran and a slew of other shit by RnB artists like Beyonce. Let’s just say he’s an industry darling. Anyway, this is a sweet jam and we know we’ve been putting up a lot of Pitbull which in reality betrays our taste a little bit but who are we to front? Hot shit’s hot shit. On another note, B.o.B aside from having an annoying name to type is making some good joints, peep his EP 12th Dimension.

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