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Hey fucks! Been some fucking time that we just wanted to post these things but we just couldn’t because there is so little time in the world and your mom is so needy and she fucking calls us day and night and wants to talk about her girl problems an meanwhile we just want to blog but if we tell her that we need to go then she makes us feel guilty. Your mom just needs to chill the fuck out. Anyway. Now that we have some time get ready for 3 great releases from SPF 5000, Rot10 Musik and A Tribe Called Red. 2 are free and then you gotta pay for one of them. F.Y.I. the internet does not accept payment through a sock full of fuckin dimes. LET’S GET DOWN TO IT AFTER THE JUMP!

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Have you ever shit your pants in public? Have you ever had pee drip out of your penis or vagina in front of the opposite or same sex or animals or whatever it is you like to have stimulate your genitalia? It can be terrifying, but also exhilarating but embarrassing. We don’t really know what the fuck this has to do with Sazon Booya which is the combination of the Mr Vega and of the Dj Sav. The tone is really much more reggaeton. It will fuck your face with magic. Have a listen and a few freebies AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP:

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92 Eternal – The Feeling (zshare)

This is the song you hear when people stick lasers into your ears and they come out of your eyes. And it burns. We don’t know what to think of this song. In some parts it is fucking awesome and then in others it is fucking cheesy. But that’s how raves are. Fucking awesome and also retardedly cheesy as fuck. This 92 Eternal group is AC Slater (who is great and had rocked the fuck out of shows he has done in Toronto) and then some guy named Juiceboxx, and some chick named Amy Douglas who we don’t know who the fuck they are. But whatever, anything is better than the show Two and a Half Men.

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