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ImageWhat the fuck is SXSW? SXSW is going to a place and not just seeing Dubbel Dutch, Samo Sound Boy, Dave Nada, Sabo and Jen Lasher in one night, but shilling with them and realizing everyone is cool as fuck and there ain’t no fucking egos at all and everyone is just out to enjoy other fuckers music. You see Tittsworth (dude is gonna have a big year) everywhere, you do Irish Car Bombs with Bro Safari, The Torro Torros, Brent Tactic, Sabo, Dave Nada, Pickster and all these other fuckers. Hangin out with LeDoom all fucking weekend just shooting the shit coming up with retarded new music genres called fucking #laundryhouse (which will be the sound of 2013). It’s hearing fucking Munchi spin and spending way to much time with that motherfucker (all the rumours of how fucking just straight up awesome Munchi is are true). And there was so much other shit like when Munchi peer pressured us to eat fuckin waffle tacos with fucking bacon, fried chicken and beef inside. 

Look forward to way more pictures and shit and tonnes of great music too. There is way to much to fucking talk about.

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