Are you guys excited yet for SXSW? No? Oh you will not be there? Well that sucks. But we will! And so will a lot of people so maybe you should stop being so self centered and start thinking about how you can help other people to be happy. No we got an interview with the fucking man LeDoom! Like Pickster, LeDoom can fuck with any type of sound you can think of. He’s mainly known for the hard shit but dude has made tracks that verge on cumbia and moombahsoul too. Since dude is in San Antonio you can be sure he’s gonna be all over SXSW. He sent us all the shows he will be part of and literally it’s like fucking 10 or 12 (maybe we are exagerating but still it’s alot). What does LeDoom think of SXSW and life in general? Why don’t you find out after the jump? GO READ THE INTERVIEW AND CHECK OUT A MIX OF UPCOMING SHIT FROM THE MAN AFTER THE JUMP!

Walmer: So have you been to SXSW before? You play any parties? What’s you most interesting/fucked up memories of SXSW?

LeDoom: Def! I live in San Antonio, so Austin is only about an hour so away so it’s hard not to go every time! I mean remember when I first learned about SXSW about 7 years ago and a few of my friends were saying ” ohh cool… were gonna goto South Padre.. wanna go instead?” Me being me…. ” Are you fucking high? This shit is gonna be awesome!” So and I and of course had a great time and have been going ever since! The first time I actually played at SXSW was last year, I played at the Ghostpizza showcase along with, Crizzly, Johnny, DMG$ and a few others. Also that same year and night actually was def my most interesting/fucked up memory… So as Pickster was saying, Peligrosa threw the moombahton massive at SXSW last year and it was on the same night of the show I was playing at… needless to say, I played then walked straight over there as soon as I packed up. friend of mine was with me and some how through the night he got his panties in a bunch of some shit I can’t even remember… long story short, he drove back to San Antonio with my laptop and bag in his car and left me stranded… I also had a day party to do the next day… In the end everything worked out, met some really cool people who let me stay the night with them and I’m actually still good friends with them still, he came back the next day and brought my computer and I did the show.

W: Who the fuck are you most interested in seeing while you’re there? Why?

L: I would say there is way too many that I’m excited to finally meet up with/ play with/ see so I can’t put a pin on that one. What I can say is I stoked to meet up with everyone and hang out and kick without sitting behind the computer! lol

W: Where the fuck are you coming from?

L: San Antonio TEXAS

W: Top 3 Moombahton/core/soul tracks right now:

L: Let’s see… It’s hard because there is a ton of really cool stuff coming out right now but here it goes:

Ton : Craze -Selekta I Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! – The Clap I Dady Yankee – Rompe (Willy Joy Bootleg)

Core : Beauty Brain & Poisound – Bullfighter I LeDoom – Midnight I Noisia – Tommy’s Theme (Munchi Remix)

Soul : Pickster & Melo – To Soon To Forget

W: Top 3 tracks right now:

L: Damn this is even harder!

1. Nosia – Diplodocus (Kill The Noise Remix)
2. Tresurefingers – Rooftop Revival (Bro Safari Remix)
3. Street Lurkin – Hold Your Breath

W: How many times do you think you’ll throw up during SXSW?

L: Hopefully at least 4 times… There is going to be a ton of craziness going on

W: Is 2012 the year of moombahton?

L: 2012 will def be the “Rise” of it, I would have to agree with what Pickster said on this. There will def be some big things that happen in Moombahton but there is no way that this can be the peak! There is still so much room to grow!!!

W: What other genres have you been fucking with recently?

L: I honestly love all styles/genres of tunes. Even when I play out I play a lot of different things, but lately I have really been jammin the Loc’d refixes of tune that Craze has been doing. It just has such a good feeling swing on it, makes booty’s drop.

W: Game plan for 2012?

L: EVERYBODY DIES! Jk… or am I 0_o

There is def a lot of things in the works right now, a lot of music is going to be coming out over the next few months and will continue coming out! March 6th I have a new tune with Bro Safari coming out on T&A Records called “Avalon” on his new EP “Bro’s Gone Wild” (Be sure to grab the whole release because all the tunes came out awesome) Pickster & I just finished up a new tune that will be coming out shortly! I have some new remixes that are coming out as well as some new collabs. Just gonna hit the music harder and harder and keep working on sound design/engineering and trying to stay creative! One thing that I am stoked for is a US/Canda Summer tour that Pickster and I are currently setting up/booking for which I am really looking forward to! EVERYBODY DIES!

BOOM! Before you fucking die, have a listen of this mix of LeDoom madness coming down the pipes:

Moomba+ SXSW 2012 Mini Mix


Bro Safari & LeDoom – Avalon [Out NOW on T&A Records]



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