We are really excited about this one. We got Pickster answering some questions in the runup to the SXSW Moomba+ day party happening March 16. The Moomba+ website is a great place to go to hear live moombahton sets from the best in the business. Tune in to hear the tracks you are gonna be buying 3 months from now.This interview should also appear on Moomba+ later today as well so if you wann read it twice in two different fonts with different URLs at the top then feel free to do so.

But enough of promoting another website. Let’s get to the meat of the issue. An interview with the man Pickster. Gonna have to admit that we really only know his moombahton output but what comes through immediately if you peruse his soundcloud is that this guy obviously has a wide and deep appreciation for all types of different genres and is able to take a mothefucking moombah track and give it a dubstep sensibility or a rap sensibility or a fucking heavy mental sensibility (as you shall see soon). And he pulls it off effortlessly. Where a lot of dudes you can guess what they do next, Pickster keeps you wondering what he will do for his next track and keeps shit interesting. But what is the importance of our words. Wouldn’t you rather hear from Pickster and get a free and exclusive MOOMBAHMETAL TRACK? GO READ THE INTERVIEW AND GRAB THAT SHIT AFTER THE JUMP ASSHOLES!

Walmer: So have you been to SXSW before? You play any parties? What’s you most interesting/fucked up memories of SXSW?

Pickster: I’ve been going to SXSW for years. Mainly for Hip-Hop stuff. I played the Strange Famous showcase with my homie 2Mex from Los Angeles, along with Sage Francis, Buck 65, B-Dolan, Sleep and a few others. and some Hip-Hop parties. But I mainly go out there to Network, and learn some Industry trades for my Promotion Company UniversatileMusic.com. Last year I went out there with Melo and he played the Peligrosa Moombahton Massive with Nadastrom, Dillon Francis, A-Mac, Toy Selectah, Sabo, Sonora, DJ Dus, Orion. But Nobody knew who I was at that point. We were sitting on Arizonaton at the time but it wasn’t out yet. Melo dropped Fat Booty that night and peeps went off. Alot can happen in 1 years time, this will be my 4th Moombahton Massive I will have played, and each one reminds me more and more of why i’m here doing what i’m doing.

W: Who the fuck are you most interested in seeing while you’re there? Why?

P: This is the Year of Moombahton for SXSW. The only people im super stoked to see are all my Moombah homies that I have made friends with over the past year, peeps i talk to everyday but have never met in person. It’s gonna be really fun to put a face to all these FaceBook names haha.

W: Where the fuck are you coming from?

P: I’m flying from Phoenix, AZ by way of Prundale California. I rep hard for my Arizona peeps. My home town has my back, so i’m always gonna have theirs.  Even though I try to leave every Summer cause its hot as fuck here in the desert haha.

W: Top 3 Moombahton/core/soul tracks right now?

P: Moombahton – Pickster & Melo – Aint That Kinda Girl, Bro Safari & Sazon Booya – Quieres Sexo,  JayFay – Mashitup

Moombahcore – Beauty Brain & Poisound – BullfighterNoisia – Tommy’s Theme (Munchi’s Fear Is Weakness Remix), Bro Safari – Uncrushable (Jay Fay Remix)

Moombahsoul – Jon Kwest and Bigmakk are killing it

W: Top 3 tracks right now:

P: Top 3’s are hard, But 3 Moombah tunes I can’t stop playing are, LeDoom – Cumbiatron, Uman – Cheap Thrills, and Alvin Risk – Dirty Dancer

W: How many times do you think you’ll throw up during SXSW?

P: The only way i’ll throw up is if I get some Bad BBQ at Stubbs. But thats not gonna happen so I probably won’t throw up at SXSW. haha

W: Is 2012 the year of moombahton?

P: 2012 is gonna be a Great year for Moombaton. I don’t think it will be the best year Moombahton sees. I think that will be either 2013 or 2014. But 2012 is the Rise of Moombahton and by the end of this year we will see some SuperStars born in this genre. Mark my words.

W: What other genres have you been fucking with recently?

P: I’m a Huge Hip-Hop head, I’ve promoted Hip-Hop shows here in AZ for Years. This last year I was Voted Phoenix Newtimes Best Hip-Hop DJ of 2011. I also mess with  Electro & Dubstep as well. I play a Friday Night Gig in Phoenix called Sticky Fingers that I bounce around between Moombahton, Electro, DUbstep. That night was Voted best Dance night of 2011 by The Phoenix New Times. So i cover the Spectrum. and Love all Music that is good.

W: Game plan for 2012?

P: 2012 well…    I have a Shit load of Music about to come out, about to have a bunch of releases rolling out the next few months, have like 4 Songs with Hip-Hop mc’s on them. So i’m stepping into that world, working with Vocalist is a lot of Fun. I’m also working with some Singers Male & Female. I think Feral Is Kinky just sent me the Vocals for a Summer Hit that me and Melo are producing. Me and Melo are about 4-5 songs deep on a new EP, keeping that Arizonaton vibe rolling.  I’ve been doing a lot of Remix work, I have a new Mix i’ll be dropping in the Next few weeks that has most of these tunes i’m talking about on it. I’m playing The Moomba+ Showcase & The Mad Decent Moombahton Massive at SXSW,  The Hard Miami Moombahton Masive. Me & Melo are starting up our Moombahton Monthly in Phoenix, Bringing out all the homies including A Phoenix Moombahton Massive with Nadastrom & Sabo to jump start our night. Also gearing up for a Late June/July US/Canada tour with LeDoom and possibly Another well known Moombahtonista. Were booking this tour our self so if you want us in your town Hit us up! Also Me & Melo have a show in London, UK in September that we will be booking a European tour around. Moombah Doesn’t Sleep.

Shouts out to all my AZ Crew, The Walmer Blog, GenerationBass, Dave Nada, Vamos Publicity, El Cuco Recordings, Mad Decent, Hard, Universatile Music, and all the Homies always showing love and having my back…

Alright! So now that you know a bit about that fucker let’s check out the EXCLUSIVE TRACK!

Pickster One – Start The Fuckin Mosh Pit


What Pickster has to say about it:

This Tune I made for 1 reason only. To Start The Fucking Mosh Pit. I would like to give Credit to the Band Shredding the guitars on this tune but they will prolly make me take it down, so for now it’s called Start The Fucking Mosh Pit. You can’t play this tune at no sweetheart dance, and if you drop it at your top40 night you will get fired and never asked to comeback. But you can trust me that there is a time and place for this tune, and if you drop it at the right time in the right show, you will have a situation on your hands.


And of course…


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