Hey dudes. There is a lot you are not sure of. If you like boys or girls. If smoking all that fucking weed is making you smarter or dumber. If you will have a place to live in the next month. That last on was sad but don’t worry, no matter how homeless you are there will always be good music in your Discman if you go to Beatport and buy this new EP from perhaps the person in the music industry who deserves it the most: Fucking Munchi. Dude is humble, dude is well centered, and dude has great taste in blogs. We’re gonna put up both parts of this interview that was done for  Generation Bass (our rival blog that is 1000 times more popular), but, really only the last 30 seconds of part 1 count as important.

How’s that for shout outs. Love is sent back your way dude. Anyway. You don’t really care about all this bullshit we’re spouting. You just want some music. The EP is great with all your old Muchi favourites remastered so that they don’t sound like they were made in a closet in someone’s mom’s house. One has vocals now. Find the link to buy the music at Beatport and a promo mix Munchi made AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

Munchi- Moombahtonista EP Minimix


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