Right now, people are making music that dolphins can get into. It’s called fucking Seapunk and either you’re in it taking a swim or your standing on dry land like some kinda fool. We talked about it before. We gonna talk about it again. Take a splash in this new ocean. Take a piss in this new ocean. Don’t take a shit though. That shit floats and everyone will see it and plus it might float back to the beach and then you will have to pretend it is not yours and look shocked when you see it. LET’S GRAB THOSE NEW TUNES AFTER THE JUMP!

Daims – C0L0N3L TRI3D DR1PP1N

Highdive – Leave

Noms- Broseidon, King Of The Brocean (Clip)

Maddjazz – Hows it Going Down (HighDive remix)

Cream Dream X Noms – Creamy Noms

HighDive – Pool Party

Bandido – Derramo Estilo (Lao Remix)


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  1. i believe that numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 are actually “Peasunk” NOT Seapunk.

  2. Hahahaha. Gotta get on a #peasunk post ❤ Big release sooon~

  3. godddamn #peasunk too??! my head is going to explode in 321 $$$~~~~~~~~~

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