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BOOM! MORE EXPLOSION SOUNDS! What up fuckers? More motherfuckers reppin Walmer like shit will get you laid (which it will). This is Valorous outta Chicago. Check his shit out. Buy his fucking EP from Beatport. This EP:

Good shit eh? Anyway, there was this whole long weekend thingy going down here in Ontario, Canada and so we are behind on posting shit so let’s all go and grab some hot bass music AFTER THE DAMN JUMP CUNTS:

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Now for many of you, Walmer Convenience, the person, is one of the most passionate guys in the Moombah scene.
Some shit you do not know, cuz you don’t live in Toronto.. is the guy listens to all kind of music, and I personally have been in his parties, and pretty much he nails it everytime..
How come? well.. he actually listens to a bunch of tracks, and posts them here.. like 70 a day!!!

And the fact “everyone” has a blog sometimes means people do not appreciate all the effort Walmer puts here.
He does support everyone!! and THAT IS SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO BE PRAISED!!!

Now, it is not secret that I (Caballo) rarely support any strict moombah release, except the usual suspects, cuz there are many things that need to be supported..and those guys always deliver great production AND they also bring new stuff to the ever-changing scene.

Today I’d like to support a very filthy moombahcore EP made by Cosmic Mafia who are part of the new generation of moombahtonistas who prefer to develop a strict Moombahcore filled with nasty basslines, This release can be seen as a daggering aimed core. GO CHECK IT AFTER THE JUMP!

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